November 1st Christmas memes to remind you that the holidays are officially here

*Clears throat* 'I don't want a lot for Christmas, there's just one thing I need...'

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The internet has generously rounded up the jolliest November 1st Christmas memes this side of the nut house to remind you that, for 54 straight days, "All I Want for Christmas Is You" will be on repeat.

Spirit Halloween costume memes have disappeared from our feeds, the Sanderson Sisters have retreated back to their cabin and everyone's lost interest in the final chapter of the Michael-Laurie saga. Heck, some of us already have a few Yankee Candle Christmas scents waiting in our checkout cart. 

Whether you're fetching the stockings from your attic or still watching some of the best Halloween movies, we can all agree that November 1st memes are frighteningly accurate about the way in which we approach the holidays. Have a look and enjoy a few belly laughs à la Kris Kringle.

Eggnog, anyone?

Our favorite November 1st Christmas memes

'Tis the season...or is it? 

Some of us have completely bypassed Thanksgiving—forget Turkey Day, what about Día de los Muertos—and headed straight for the Yuletide spirit. Where do you stand on the November 1st debate? Too soon to get festive...or is the timing just right? 

Well, the experts have said that getting into the holiday spirit early does make us happier, so perhaps there's something to be said about it? But nothing warms our dark black hearts quite like a scary movie. Ah, the conundrum!

Mariah Szn

Like it or not, once Mariah says it's Christmastime, it's Christmastime. There's no going back.

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More Mariah

This is not a drill. The calendar has indicated that it's Mariah's world, and we're just living in it. 

("I don't want a lot for Christmas, there's just one thing I need...")

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And *More* Mariah

What'd we tell you about "All I Want for Christmas Is You"? Regardless of how you feel about the holiday bop, let's hand it to @thechromaticmusicteacher—this is a seriously impressive rendition of the song.

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When the Clock Strikes 12

Magic has to be responsible—those are a transformative 60 seconds!

Sad Jack O'Lanterns

Our ghoulishly delightful gourds know that their time in the spotlight has come to an end. Let's give them a round of applause before they're disposed!

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On November 1st

"Instantly reaches for the peppermint mocha." 

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Cady Heron Knows Best

Obviously Cady has some experience in the holiday department. 

Buddy the Elf

It's time to channel your inner Buddy the Elf and talk all-things Christmas 24/7. 

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A Moment of Silence

It's not fun and games for everyone. Those big city dudes are about to be standing under the mistletoe solo because their girl has fallen for a small-town hunk in plaid who operates his great-aunt's Christmas tree farm.

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Officially OOO

We can blame Mars retrograde for a decrease in productivity, or we can turn our attention towards the real culprit...

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Scary Island

Look, even Bravo gets it. 

(Btw, are you ready for Below Deck Adventure?) 

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Wednesday Addams

Like Wednesday Addams, you probably already know that spooky season reigns supreme all year, no matter what the calendar says.

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Happy November 1st, friends—wherever you stand on the holiday debate!

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