Here's what the October 2022 eclipse season means for your sign

'Tis the season!

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'Tis the season to be...wary of the next eclipse. (Kidding!)

October's new moon in Scorpio will do the honors with a mighty solar eclipse. This lunar phase opens up a portal that concludes on November 8 with a total lunar eclipse in Taurus, so yes, we have a powerful few weeks upon us. 

"The effect is like a spiritual power outage," says astrologer Desiree Roby Antila. "A solar eclipse either makes you feel wildly off-center, or your mind becomes crystal clear. Solar eclipse events often begin internally, and for many people, they are when we realize we need more than what we’re currently receiving."

During the next new moon, themes of partnerships, new beginnings and fated outcomes are likely to come into play, and the eclipse adds potency for sure. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, so there's no need to fret.

Meet the expert:

Desiree Roby Antila, author of Sun Signs in Love, specializes in sun signs and astrological relationships. She has been studying astrology for several decades and has written numerous articles on matchmaking, cosmic timing, forecasts, and more. Desiree also teaches astrology classes in her local community and has conducted hundreds of natal chart and synastry readings. Visit her online at  and @simplysunsigns.

"The eclipse is like steroids for the new moon," astrologer Noush previously told My Imperfect Life. "Because it falls in the sign of Scorpio, the energy of deep and provoking change is an undercurrent which is picking up momentum and finally dismantling so that we can recognize our emotional strength and resilience to face life's challenges."

See? We're going deep, but we'll be stronger once the portal comes to a close. 

Meet the expert: Noush

An astrologer, creative and crystal enthusiast, Noush believes in the combination of energy healing and practical spirituality to bring meaning into our lives. You can learn more about your cosmic blueprint during an astrology reading with her or shop through an incredible collection of healing  crystals @jooncrystals

October eclipse 2022: astrology deets to know

For those who appreciate specifics, the October 25 new moon at 2° Scorpio will be paired with a partial solar eclipse, and we're all likely to feel the effects. It's a time of karmic events, fated beginnings and bittersweet endings, according to Roby Antila. In scientific terms, this is when the new moon passes between sun and earth, shadowing the sun.

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Astrologer Liz Simmons previously told My Imperfect Life, "Themes of secrecy, power, control, intimacy, entanglements, and even shared finances might pop up. Given that the lunation is conjunct to Venus in Scorpio, we might want to be extra careful about how we approach our commitments, romantic partners, and financial partnerships. Be mindful of how jealousy, obsession, and control shift the dynamics in your arrangements during this cycle. Ideally, your intimate bonds should empower you, not disempower you!"

October eclipse 2022 and zodiac signs 

Curious how your zodiac sign will be affected? Roby Antila and Simmons have done the honors of compiling insight for all those who are astrologically curious!

Meet the expert: Liz Simmons

Liz is a self-taught astrologer and tarot reader who blends Hellenistic and modern techniques that utilizes the tropical zodiac, Placidus House system and Whole House system. You can book Liz for live astrology readings, tarot readings and written readings, among other services.


"The Scorpio new moon lands in your eighth house of intimacy and eroticism bringing sexy back. Use this blast of passion to take things deep," Roby Antila says. 

Simmons agrees that this is a vulnerable time between partners, but it's also a time for Aries to get their pocketbooks in order. 

"Aries should invest, alleviate any lingering debt or work toward greater financial security," she says. "Aries can expect to embrace new financial opportunities after this eclipse over the next six months."


Taurus' seventh house of partnerships is emphasized during this October astrology event. 

"This could be the beginning of the end or the beginning of a new chapter. If you have felt out of sync in your love life, this will be the shift you have been looking for," Roby Antila says.  

But Simmons notes it's not just about romantic relationships—even professional relationships can be strengthened during this eclipse. 

"Taurus is overdue for some changes in their romantic and professional relationships," she reveals. 

She also notes, "If Taurus is single, then this eclipse may bring in an unlikely yet extremely intense commitment. But if Taurus is coupled up, then this eclipse may supercharge any opportunity for greater commitment or intimacy."


Although you're asked to pay close attention to your sixth house of work and organization, that doesn't mean you have to go it alone, Gemini. Ask for help if you need it. 

Plus, get your habits in check. 

"During this new cycle, Gemini should focus on cultivating better habits and a more sustainable routine," Simmons suggests. "There might be some unexpected yet fated health-related opportunities or ailments that pop up during the next six months."


Cancers and creativity go hand in hand, so channel that passion project and do what makes your soul feel its happiest and most authentic.

"New chances in creativity, joy and sex are sure to come up over the next six months," Simmons adds. "Don’t be surprised if an unexpected hobby or different sort of sexual partner catches Cancer’s eye."


Even the busy Leo needs some downtime. 

"Take some PTO if you need a reset and spend some time with the people that fill up your cup," Roby Antila suggests.

Simmons thinks it's an opportune time to reconnect with family and the home. 

She says, "Leo will need to focus on better understanding their home and family following the eclipse. New secrets may come to light or a mystery may be finally cleared, especially if Leo wants a more secure relationship with their family. Developing and investing into the home might be on Leo’s mind if Leo wants to build a more comforting sacred space."


Communication and new ideas are coming to the forefront, but you don't necessarily need to act on them. Start mapping out a plan and put things into action after the eclipse portal closes.

"How Virgo speaks, writes, thinks, and learns may also transform during this time," according to Simmons. "Virgo may find that their community and communication skills will change drastically after the eclipse. Getting in touch with their neighborhood will become a primary focus during this cycle."

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Changes could arise in your second house of money, work and security, but you'll be able to adjust accordingly and handle any curveball that comes your way.

"Part of this might be contingent upon what Libra values, which is also subject to change during this new cycle," Simmons says.


It's OK to focus on yourself right now, Scorpio—in fact, the universe insists on it!

"Start thinking about reoccurring themes from now and May during the last eclipse. There is a story there and it is asking to be read," Roby Antila says. 

Additionally, Simmons seems to think the eclipse will effect Scorpios both inside and out. 

"Changes in Scorpio’s appearance, identity and disposition will become more notable during the next six months," she says. 


Allow the celestial occurrence to get rid of things you don't need anymore, Sagittarius. You'll feel lighter immediately!


For you, Caps, it's all about tech and teamwork, both of which seem to mesh together effortlessly. 

"Connecting with your crew during this time will be a great way for you to ride this vortex of unpredictable energy," Roby Antila suggests.


Expect career changes during this lunation, Aquarius. Perhaps you'll move to a different department in your company or look into something new completely.


Is your passport ready, Pisces. You'll likely need it. 

"An opportunity to travel, teach or learn may present itself over the next few weeks which could push you down a path you have been dreaming of," Roby Antila says. 

Simmons takes this notion one step further.

"Pisces will become more open-minded to going beyond their comfort zone with their education, travel, and soul work. The eclipse is the time to challenge Pisces’s beliefs, so this could be quite a learning curve."

October eclipse 2022: tips

From yoga to journaling, now's the time to practice your favorite wellness routine. 

"Since everything turns on a dime during the eclipse season, it might be best to allow each event to unfold as it may. Although tempting to take action, you may want to practice patience during the eclipse season," Simmons previously told us.

She adds, "I typically do not recommend manifesting or setting intentions during an eclipse since an eclipse portal is a little too chaotic to have a clear perception of how something may unfold over time. It might be best to observe this lunation instead. Although it is unlike the Scorpionic nature to allow nature to run its course, observing might be the greatest act of empowerment."

Ready for eclipse season? It's here, and it's coming in strong, but an astro pro like you knows how to embrace it.

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