Who is 'Selling the OC’s' Polly Brindle? Get reacquainted with the show’s resident Brit

Catch up with Polly Brindle—and the rest of the O Group crew—ahead of the season 2 premiere

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Remember Polly Brindle? Selling the OC's resident Brit took center stage in season 1. Like the rest of the cast, she is gearing up for a return in season 2, which hits Netflix on Friday, September 8. 

But unlike many of her Orange County-native colleagues, Polly moved to the US in 2011 before then getting her real estate license and joining the world of reality TV. Here’s everything you need to know before catching up with Jason Oppenheim's staffers for round two.

 Where is Polly Brindle from? 

Polly is originally from West Yorkshire in North England but moved to California in 2011 and received American citizenship in March of 2022. She posted the exciting news on Instagram, writing in the caption: “SO excited to finally be able to call the country I have lived in for over a decade, home.”

What did Polly Brindle do before joining the O Group? 

Before securing multi-million dollar listings, Polly was actually in another glamorous line of work—modeling. 

If you thought she looked familiar on Selling the OC you were probably right on the money, as she’s modeled for brands like Lancôme, Dior and Aston Martin. She even tried her hand at acting, appearing in a number of films including Rush and The Glass Man.

Polly Brindle's beef with the O Group staffers

According to allegations from Alex Rose, Brindle, Hall, and co. were not welcoming to Rose and Alex Jarvis, who were originally not supposed to be on the Netflix series. As a result, Rose insists she was treated like "chopped liver," though Brindle disagreed. 

"Nothing's changed, everyone has the same kind of vibes that they always have," she said, according to The Things. "I've seen a couple of interviews that were kind of frustrating to listen to because [Jarvis and Rose] are taking on this narrative that's just not true...it's them against us as they have always done."

Who is Polly Brindle’s ex-husband?

In episode one of the new series, Polly revealed to Austin that she had been married for the majority of her 20s but did not name-drop her ex. Apart from her account of their breakup in the Netflix show, there is not much known about her mystery ex.

"We sold up and decided to move to Los Angeles and the idea was for us to have a life in the sun where we would have 'beach babies,'" Polly told Burnley Express. "But it didn't work out as planned. He left and I stayed and I had to figure out what I was going to do."

What happened between Polly Brindle and her ex-husband?

When asked by Austin about her marriage and if the pair just went their separate ways, she revealed to that their relationship had a "plane crash ending."

Polly then elaborated: “We took vows, and I took those vows very seriously. I got married for the rest of my life, and he was unfaithful.” Hence why she did not take kindly to Kayla attempting to kiss Tyler Stanaland (who was married to actress Brittany Snow at the time).

She then went into more dramatic detail in her solo confessional, adding: "I saw pictures on his phone of him with two women. They were prostitutes.”

Yet, as time went on, both she and co-worker Alex Hall were spotted getting very flirty with Stanaland post-divorce, so the tables definitely turned. 

"The hard part with that is, like Alex, Polly, me, everybody, we're all really tight friends," Stanaland explained. "There's a respect; no lines will ever be crossed. Most of us are married or dating somebody, so there is kind of a set boundary there."

Selling the OC season 2 hits Netflix on Friday, September 8. 

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