Everything we know about Alexandra Jarvis—one of the three Alexes on 'Selling The OC'

From closing $40 million listings to her law education—here's what you need to know about Alexandra Jarvis

Alexandra Jarvis from SELLING THE OC
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While we patiently await any news on Selling the OC season two, why not explore the lives of the show's real estate-selling cast—especially Alexandra Jarvis, who is one of three Alexes in the Oppenheim group OC headquarters, but the only one with a law degree... 

As fans who binged watch the Selling Sunset spin-off will know, the cast is full of some seriously interesting characters—from Gio Helou whose mom Lisa works alongside him at the O-group to Tyler Stanaland, who just split for his actress wife Brittany Snow and also has a property tycoon father (John Stanaland). 

It will also not have gone unnoticed with fans that there is not one, but three Alexes in the office—Alex Hall, Alexandra Rose, and of course, Alexandra Jarvis.

Jarvis and Rose, the office's target for gossip and salacious rumors, are a match made in real estate heaven and it appears there's no slowing these two down. Considering Jarvis tackled a nearly $40 million sale during her first year with the Oppenheim Group, it seems she's well equipped to handle whatever comes her way. Likewise, her partner in crime, Rose, accumulated close to $100M in sales in her first four years as a realtor, according to her O Group profile. 

"Rose and I are the top producing female agents in the office,” Jarvis says in the series. "We make a good impression, and it is kind of hard for a client to say no to the both of us."

So, what's the story with Jarvis? If you're curious to learn more about the self-described "confident, tenacious and irreverent" realtor, we have you covered...

Who is Alexandra Jarvis?

Alexandra Jarvis is a 32-year-old multifaceted Alabama native: her career originated in employment law and business litigation, though she ultimately steered herself towards real estate and used her law background to help clients close contracts. Who doesn't appreciate a win-win situation?

"Alexandra is a result-oriented businesswoman who positioned herself at the top of the Orange County real-estate market," her Oppenheim Group bio reads. 

In fact, she and Jason Oppenheim (also a former lawyer) originally bonded over legal advice, securing her a coveted spot in the O Group office. But when she's not busy closing deals and helping Californians find their new homes, she's oftentimes on the beach herself...likely with the fiancé she's madly in love with.

Who is Alexandra Jarvis' fiancé, Sergio?

Jarvis' fiancé is Sergio Ducoulombier, the CEO of Slipcash. He makes many a cameo on her Instagram page, where the two are seen cuddling, hitting the beach, prepping for a night out or just goofing off. 

They met in 2019 and got engaged on Christmas Day in 2020, with Alex sharing the news with a gorgeous picture on Instagram. She wrote alongside it: "A perfect way to 💍 in the New Year. Just over the moon to marry the love of my life, my best friend, my ride or die."

We don't want to make any promises, but we can pretty much smell a wedding for season two—anyone else?

If you're desperate for some more Selling Sunset-esque content—do be sure to check out other goodies in the Selling franchise, including newbie Selling Tampa. As for Selling Sunset season 6, there's still plenty TBD, and we'll fill you in on it all!

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