What does the ring of fire solar eclipse mean in astrology?

Wondering what the ring of fire solar eclipse means in astrology? We've got the answer

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The solar system's latest spectacle, the ring of fire solar eclipse, is about to dazzle onlookers. Since the social media-worthy sensation is rare—and will not occur again until December—you might want to set your alarm clocks accordingly. 

From the scientific facts to what means in astrology terms, we have the celestial scoop on the most important eclipse tidbits.

What does the ring of fire solar eclipse mean in astrology?

"This eclipse is the continuation of the super full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius that occurred on May 26," astrologer and author Narayana Montufar. tells My Imperfect Life. "That eclipse brought certain things to a culmination in a certain area of our lives, the area of our charts ruled by Sagittarius. Now, this solar eclipse brings a new beginning in the area of our charts ruled by Gemini."

Now is a good time to revisit projects and ideas you've been noodling. Narayana does not recommend attempting to manifest, as the planetary configurations are not ideal. Like the May 26 happening, this event does allow us to step back and reassess things. 

"We must be patient for this new beginning to manifest," Narayana continues. "The reason why is that during this new moon and solar eclipse, both the sun and the moon will be conjunct Mercury retrograde. Even more so, all three planets will be forming a square with Neptune in Pisces. Things will be confusing and murky, and since we won’t be able to see clearly, it’s not advised to act impulsively around this time."

What is a ring of fire solar eclipse?

The moon will pass between the earth and sun but will not completely cover the sun during an annular solar eclipse the way it does during a total solar eclipse, according to NASA. This new moon is farther from Earth in its elliptical orbit and is too small to cover the sun entirely. As a result, a ringlike sight will be visible from Earth. 

When is the ring of fire solar eclipse?

The astronomical event will take place at 6:53am ET (11:53 GMT) on June 10. 

Where can I see the ring of fire solar eclipse?

Remember to look east! According to NASA, various locations throughout Canada, Greenland, the Arctic Ocean, and Siberia will have a complete view of the narrow path of the annular eclipse. This celestial occurrence will be a partial eclipse for the majority of northeastern North America, Greenland, Northern Europe, and northern Asia.

ring of fire solar eclipse; The entire sequence of the 2019 annular solar eclipse from start to finish. This sequence shows the beginning of the eclipse and continues all the way until the ring of fire is formed.

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An important fact about the ring of fire solar eclipse

As anxious as you might be to catch the solar system soiree, you'll need to take precautions. You'll need to wear special eclipse glasses before you position yourself east to see what's happening in the sky. 

(Psst: our sister site, Space.com, rounds up the info you need to know about purchasing the best solar eclipse glasses.)

If you aren't able to make it up in time, be sure to check out the virtual livestream. (No special glasses required.)

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