Need a good cry? These sad movies will make you reach for the tissues

Let it all out! These sad movies will make you feel a whirlwind of emotions

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No need for mascara: these sad movies will make your eyes water like a sprinkler.

From classic Disney films to timeless stories about friendship, family and love, our list of emotional flicks has something for everyone. 

Whether you're a hopeful or hopeless romantic, we have a feeling you'll shed a few tears during your next movie marathon. Let it all out, friends. Let it all out!

Our favorite sad movies for a good, cathartic cry

1. 'The Notebook' (2004)

The epitome of romance in 2004 seemed to be Nicholas Sparks' bestselling story. In The Notebook, we first meet Allie and Noah as young adults, a time when she's reluctant to take the persistent fella up on his date offer. But it doesn't take long for the two to become smitten with one another, despite the disapproval of Allie's family. Throughout the film, we watch them find their way back towards one another at different points in their lives, until one final heartbreaking chapter. 

Where to watch: HBO Max

2. 'A Walk to Remember' (2002) 

Jamie and Landen are on opposite ends of the social spectrum in high school. However, the bad boy changes his ways and falls for the good girl—a fairly common trope. However, their seemingly perfect love story is threatened by Jamie's bombshell reveal. 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

3. 'A Star Is Born' (2018) 

What happens when the country's biggest star falls in love? Jackson meets Ally, an ultra-talented singer, while at a bar and he's immediately intrigued. With a bit of help, Jackson ushers her into superstardom and a love story ensues. But what happens when Jackson's demons threaten their happiness?

Where to watch: HBO Max

4. 'The Fault in Our Stars' (2014) 

John Green's bestseller is a tear-jerker in every medium. When his YA story was adapted for the big screen, our hearts melted when we got to see Gus and Hazel brought to life. The two teens, unfortunately, had bouts of cancer, but despite it all, they were able to carry on a beautiful relationship—which even leads them abroad to Amsterdam at one point. Just don't expect a happy ending.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

5. 'The Farewell' (2019)  

The Farewell introduces us to a different side of the funny girl we've come to know and love from Awkwafina's Nora from Queen. Similarly to the Comedy Central series, the comedian's character is close with her grandmother. But, instead of heading to Atlantic City with the matriarch of her family, she is forced to cope with her grandmother's terminal illness...which grandma knows nothing about. 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

6. 'The Lion King' (1994) 

Our hearts will never recover from Simba's loss. Disney shattered our emotions into a million little pieces with this classic story of one lion's rise to power in the wake of familial tragedy. 

Where to watch: Disney Plus

7. 'Call Me By Your Name' (2017) 

Is there a better location for love than Italy? While 17-year-old Elio is spending his summer in Lombardy with his family, he becomes infatuated with his father's intern, a doctoral student named Oliver. A life-changing love ensues.  

Where to watch: Hulu

8. 'Steel Magnolias' (1989) 

You'll love the southern charm in this classic film about the power of friendship and family. The main focus is on Shelby (Julia Roberts), who encounters a health scare after her marriage but doesn't lose sight of wanting to be a mother. 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

9. 'Inside Out' (2015) 

Leave it to Disney to bring on the waterworks: in this animated film heavily focused on emotions, we encounter Riley, an 11-year-old hockey champ from the Midwest who is uprooted to San Francisco by her family and has a difficult time adjusting to the change. 

Where to watch: Disney Plus

10. 'My Girl' (1991) 

The coming-of-age story will certainly make you weep: 11-year-old tomboy Vada is motherless, has a father who operates a funeral home out of their house, a boy for a best friend AND an enormous crush on her English teacher. How will it all play out for the lovable preteen?

Where to watch: Netflix

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