Who is Alexandra Hall from 'Selling The OC'?

Meet Alex Hall, star of the new 'Selling Sunset' spinoff, 'Selling the OC'

Alexandra Hall on Selling the OC
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Slowly but surely, we're getting acquainted with the Oppenheim Group in its entirety, like newbie Alexandra Hall. 

The Selling Sunset spinoff, Selling The OC, is finally on Netflix and needless to say the bingeing has begun. The houses are glamorous, of course, but the turbulence between cast members is just as grand. 

Speaking of which, who exactly is Alexandra Hall? Although the agent might not be as well known as the likes of Christine Quinn (yet), we have a feeling she'll soon be making her way into O Group fame. 

She's definitely ready for any work-related challenges that await her. "I want people to take away that it’s hard work," she told the TODAY Show. "We work hard and we’re young, but we’re here for a reason. It’s not easy."

Who is Alexandra Hall?

Alex Hall is an Orange County native—where she was born, grew up and where she still lives (similar to co-star Tyler Stanaland). According to her O Group profile, Hall "ranks in the top tier of Orange County real estate professionals and delivers a depth of expertise to her clients few others have to offer." No wonder Jason Oppenheim hired her!

She definitely has an edge in the field, as she came from a background in interior design. Her resumé boasts time at plenty of impressive companies, including Christie's International Real Estate and Southeby's, according to LinkedIn.

How old is Alexandra?

The California native is 33 years old.

Who is Alex Hall dating? Is she single?

Alex Hall was previously married but she is currently divorced and appears to be single at the moment. She shares two children with her ex-husband, who has remained out of the spotlight.

As far as dating goes, we see Alex Hall go on a date with a man named Jeremy on the show and she actually likes the guy (there's even an office incident that will teach you to never put a romantic interest on loudspeaker in front of your coworkers...).

We finish season one without knowing how things were going with her date (fingers crossed for Selling the OC season 2) but Alex did reveal dating is a lot for her to juggle right now, between work and looking after her children.

"It's just a lot to juggle without trying to add dates into it. I don't want to go through what I went through again. I don't want to get divorced and now there are kids involved", Alex says while speaking to a client who met her partner on Tinder. "I was married for seven years and I have two beautiful children from that marriage. And I have started dating again, but it's very difficult and I used to think it was some fun thing to do. And now I realize it's just basically another job that I don't need. It's only so many hours in the day."

But even if dating might be difficult as a single mom, Alex says she wants to get married again. 

"I feel like I loved being a wife. I feel like that's in my future", she adds. "I'm either working or with the kids. My career is growing. My business is growing. My kids are growing and it's all really good. I want to share it with somebody. I am a hopeless romantic or a hopeful romantic, I love love. I love being in love. I love the idea of love. And I have hope."

Alexandra Hall on Instagram

You can find Alex Hall on Instagram at @alexhall_o.c. As well as adorable family moments with her two children, you can also catch her with a few of her cast mates, like Lauren Shortt and Gio Helou (despite the little 'snub' incident).

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