Wait, so are we getting 'Sex Education' season 5 after all?

The show's creator Laurie Nunn has us questioning whether or not Otis' story will continue

Are we getting a Sex Education season 5? Pictured: Asa Butterfield as Otis in Sex Education
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Wait, are we *not* parting ways with Otis & Co. after all? Is Sex Education season 5 in the realm of possibilities? We've been reminded for the umpteenth time that Sex Education season 4, which hit Netflix on Thursday, September 21, would allegedly be the last hoorah, but now we're having doubts about the finale of our favorite feel-good series. 

We're certainly anxious to see what happens this go around: Are Otis and Maeve (Emma Mackey) *finally* getting together? When can we expect that Dan Levy cameo?! How will Otis handle having a little one around to steal away the attention of his mother, Jean (Gillian Anderson)? There's a lot to digest, and we'll gladly follow this cast of characters through whatever they decide to pursue next. 

In a new The Guardian interview with the show's creator, Laurie Nunn, it seemed that she had hesitations about officially parting ways with a world she's been immersed in for nearly a decade. 

"A lot has happened in nine years—and I haven’t really worked on anything else," she tells the publication. "I feel weirdly grief-stricken—but then I’m like: 'They’re not real characters—that’s kind of embarrassing!'"

Could the cure to that grief be continuing the story? *Crosses fingers*

Will there be a 'Sex Education' season 5?

Throughout Nunn's discussion with the outlet, we're given a few glimmers of hope that things aren't quite settled just yet in the Sex Education universe. 

She is "really proud of what the show has achieved and the conversations it started" regarding intimacy and diversity. It's also grappled with a lot darker and more serious topics, such as sexual assault. Considering all that's happening in the world right now, there's still a lot to touch on in these areas. (Speaking of which, here's what Sex Education gets right, according to sexologists.) 

Plus, Otis' particularly tough storyline this season shows his struggle with the changes in his life: the move from Moordale, Maeve's journey across the pond, Jane's second child, etc. Is there room to play with a new future? 

"When you’re in your late teens, there can be this feeling that if you mess up, that’s it – that’s your final chance, and life is over. I felt that very strongly when I was at school,” Nunn tells The Guardian. “I wanted to say that that is not the case, there are always second chances. Because I started from that place, those slightly darker themes started to come out.”

Alas, despite these slivers of detail, we will in fact be biding adieu to Otis and the crew this season, but don't expect to necessarily feel closure—that's the whole point. 

"I’m hopeful that there’s a bittersweetness to [the ending], and that there’s everything people want in there, even though it might not be wrapped up completely perfectly," Nunn adds. 

We're curious to find out how it all ends, but we're most definitely going to savor the journey. Sex Education season 4, the official final season, is now streaming on Netflix.

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