Where are Suzanne Marie Sevakis' children now?

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Suzanne Marie Sevakis children megan and michael
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The Suzanne Marie Sevakis case puzzled investigators for nearly 30 years. But now that the young woman's actual identity has been uncovered, people are starting to turn their attention towards her children.

In Netflix's latest true crime hit, Girl in the Picture, we are introduced to a young woman named Sharon Marshall (Sevakis) and the story of how her step-father, Franklin Floyd, kidnapped her and turned her life completely upside down, to say the least.

Floyd took Sevakis while her mother, Sandi Chipman, served 30 days in prison for writing a bad check. The mother was never able to reunite with her toddler, and Floyd raised the young woman—whom he named Sharon Marshall to his Warren Marshall—as his own. He sexually abused her, forced her into exotic dancing, denied her an education, changed her name and even married her. 

But true heartbreak came in 1990 when the then 20-year-old died in a hit-and-run accident that many suspect Floyd had been part of. Sadly, she had left behind three children.

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What happened to Suzanne Marie Sevakis' children?

Out of the three children, we only learn about two: Michael and Megan. The third child's identity and whereabouts are not known. 

"Where is Michael Hughs now," many wondered. Sadly, the young boy met a grim fate like his mother. 

When Sevakis' son was placed in foster care after her death, Floyd tracked him down and kidnapped him in 1994, storming Indian Meridian Elementary School in Choctaw, Oklahoma, and holding Michael's principal at gunpoint. 

After the young boy was taken from his foster parents, Merle and Ernest Bean (who appear in the documentary), Floyd was arrested for the crime. At the time, he claimed that Michael was still alive, though remains were nowhere to be found. Those familiar with the story eventually learn the heartbreaking truth: Floyd confessed to the little boy's murder. 

"I shot him twice in the back of the head to make it real quick," he revealed to FBI agents. 

Then there's Megan Dufrense, Sevakis' daughter. The young woman, who is now in her 30s, was born in New Orleans in 1989. She given up for adoption by Clarence and Tonya Hughes, the new alias Floyd have given himself and his "daughter" when he wanted to marry her. 

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Things seemed relatively normal until Dufrense went digging for clues about her birth mother and discovered through a true crime book—A Beautiful Child by Matt Birkbeck, a journalist interviewed in the documentary—that her mother had been a victim of a serial killer.

"The more I learned, the angrier and sadder I got about everything," Dufrense said in the Netflix docu-series.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis daughter Megan Fufrense

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Over time, she was able to connect and form a relationship with her biological grandfather, Cliff, though her biological grandmother wasn't willing and open for a relationship.

"I can’t talk to Suzanne but I can talk to Megan and that will...that will do," Sevakis' father, Cliff, says in the film.

Girl in the Picture is currently streaming on Netflix, and a "Girl in the Picture" podcast delves even deeper into the story's bizarre and horrifying twists and turns.

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