Inspired by 'Love Island,' these are quiet sex positions that bring the heat but *not* the noise

If privacy is an issue—like in a tropical villa full of singletons— these quiet sex positions will be a go-to, according to experts

The best quiet sex positions. Pictured: couple kissing in the bedroom
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Screaming can be an orgasm hack, but sometimes, quiet sex positions are not only preferable but also necessary. How else are you supposed to be frisky and remain discreet? 

Take a look at the daters piling into the Love Island villa. (By the way, here's how to watch Love Island UK, no matter your locale.) They venture onto the series single and quickly couple up, but considering there are so many people around, it can be a little hard to get down to business. (Not that it's stopped anyone before...)

In honor of those close quarters and those who enter the "do-bits society" on the show, sex and relationship expert Charlotte Johnson at Mega Pleasure rounded up the best quiet sex positions for ultimate satisfaction but little noise. Plus, she makes the case for the muffled activities.

"Although quiet sex can be tricky, it is a fact that quiet sex can often be much more intimate and exciting for those involved, as it becomes a secret in itself and something only you and your partner can enjoy," Johnson said. 

Anyone in a shared living space who has grown tired of roommates will appreciate her words of wisdom! Here's what to know. 

What are the best quiet sex positions to try?

According to Johnson, there are five go-to moves if you're looking to be playful but run the risk of getting interrupted. If the sunshine has made you hornier, but your tiny apartment is crammed with visitors for a summer get-together, here's what's silent and golden.

1. Face to face

"This sex position entails face-to-face kissing, ensuring no loud moans or shouting occurs," Johnson said. "You will have sex almost cuddling each other with both legs wrapped around each other to maximize pleasure."

2. Sideways 69

By design, there's little movement with this position, plus, without penetration, you're not burning as many calories as you would ordinarily. (Is sex a workout? Here's where people stand.) This oral sex move, per Johnson, is pleasurable but sound likely won't come through the walls. 

3. Missionary

An oldie but a goodie, keep this classic move in your bag of tricks. Not only does science say it's the best sex position for orgasm, but it can be fairly quiet—if you and your partner so choose. 

"A lot of the control is given to the partner on top, and the tempo can be slowed down as you wish," Johnson adds. "This sex position is an easy one to attempt and usually gets the job done in a pleasurable way, too."

4. Spooning

The lazy way to find pleasure, spooning is a go-to for a deep connection with minimal effort. Plus, it's likely not going to shake the entire house—a true win-win. 

"Spooning is a very sexual position as the cuddling technique allows for maximum intimacy for both involved," Johnson said. "This position is similar to missionary, however, this time, laying down and reversed."

5. Laying Down Slow Doggy

According to Johnson, there are plenty of pluses when it comes to this selection. 

"Doggy style is a common position to hit a woman's G-spot, as well as a great way to keep both partners sturdy and in full control of any movement," she said. "It involves one partner bent over on their side and the other just behind."

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