Is sex a workout? Here's what people really think, according to a new survey

The findings might make you reconsider that gym membership

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Is sex a workout...or is that just a myth?

Apparently, some of us are inclined to drop the vibrator and reach for the fitness tracker while getting busy between the sheets. In its latest survey, Lovehoney decided to dig deep to uncover where people stand on the idea of sex being equivalent to that round on the elliptical...and it might make you reconsider that gym membership.

Is sex a workout?

According to the 2,000 Americans surveyed by Lovehoney, sex is indeed a workout, a whopping 71% of participants stated. So not only are you having a fun, intimate experience, but you're burning calories to boot. Who doesn't appreciate a little multitasking? 

Though you might not be surprised by these revelations, you'll be shocked to hear that 10% of Americans track how many calories they burn every time they have sex and 12% regularly track their heart rates. Again, we appreciate the multitasking.

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What are the best sex positions that will give you a workout?

No one is quite in agreement about which position is most like a fitness routine, but 35% of males claim doggy style, while 31% of women say it's reverse cowgirl. 

“For reverse cowgirl, you are going to want to be sure to stretch beforehand. If your legs aren't used to being in the squatting position for extended amounts of time, stretching is the best way to minimize the chances of a Charlie horse," sexpert Javay Frye-Nekrasova revealed to Lovehoney. 

When it comes to doggy, Frye-Nekrasova suggests strengthening your wrists. "You can also add sex position pillows for added comfort and stability in doggy style," she said. 

For the gym buffs among us, sexperts have also weighed in on the best exercises for better sex, and pilates, planks and squats come out on top. Heck, they might even give you a coregasm, TikTok's go-to. 

Should you not want to add fitness into the equation at all, let the best sex toys and hands-free vibrators on shelves do the work for you—no shame in being a little lazy.

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