This clever orgasm hack is worth screaming about

'Having the extra stimulation from sounds can help both parties feel more aroused'

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There's no formula that'll tell you how to have an orgasm. Sure, adventurous positions and different types of vibrators are likely to do the trick. But sometimes, all you need to do to activate your pleasure points is give in...and let it be known. 

By submitting to the satisfaction—and vocalizing it—you're one step closer to achieving that anticipated moment of bliss. Sexperts think a little scream here and there, when used sparingly and genuinely, is likely to help couples climax. 

"Having the extra stimulation from sounds can help both parties feel more aroused, in turn resulting in a higher likelihood of orgasm," according to the pros at MegaPleasure.

Orgasm hack: does screaming really work?

Likewise, Marla Renee Stewart, MA—a sexologist and sexpert for Lovers—thinks a little yelling in the bedroom allows you to let your body respond to its needs. 

"When you scream, you are essentially giving in and letting your body take control. When you do this, your orgasm is able to be released how it wants to release," she says. "It can even contribute to a better orgasm from your lover because of the audial feedback. It can help them to have a stronger orgasm or [one] they weren’t even expecting!"

Plus, this could be a fun and flirty way to let your S.O. know you're feeling connected and enjoying yourself. Isn't a little yelp better than a standard, "That's good"? It spices up the feedback process. 

"It’s fair to assume that if you’re screaming, you’re having a good time, and your partner will usually keep hitting the spot (or trying to, at least) for as long as you scream," says James Thomas, relationship expert at

Although this little orgasm hack can work if you're feeling attuned with your partner and fully embracing the moment, yelling for the sake of yelling is likely not going to generate the results you're looking for. 

"Just remember screaming all the time can come across fake, and the more you scream the less they'll [partners] react over time," Thomas says. "Therefore, if you want to achieve maximum impact, scream sparingly!"

Next time you're looking to finish up with a big O, why not give this method a try? It's not that unusual to scream when you're having fun, after all!

Danielle Valente
Danielle Valente

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