TikTok's 'deinfluencer' trend is helping us decipher which viral gems are actually worth their hype

The 'deinfluencer' trend is going viral on TikTok, as users dish the truth about which products are actually worth the spend

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While TikTok used to be our go-to for intel on all the latest viral makeup must-haves, the 'deinfluencer' trend is reminding us that beauty is subjective and not all 'influencers' have our best money interests at heart...

It's safe to say that by now, we've all been convinced by an influencer, a celeb makeup routine, or a viral aesthetic (like balletcore), to high-tale it straight over to the Sephora sale. Whether it was for one of the best non-comedogenic foundations or a dupe of a more high-end product like the e.l.f halo glow filter, which went viral in 2022. 

In fact, we'll freely admit that half of the contents of our makeup bag has come from TikTok recommendations. But that also likely means that, at one time or another, we've also been burned by one of these 'game-changer' products not delivering on their online hype.

But now it seems that some TikTok users are over these "Stop scrolling and buy this product" videos, becoming disillusioned by the whole influencer spiel and are instead jumping on the de-influencing trend. So if you're unsure of the 'deinfluencer' meaning, here's a rundown of the new TikTok movement—where transparency on which products are actually worth their buck is the only goal.

What is the 'deinfluencer' trend on TikTok?

To explain the 'deinfluencer' meaning, we must first take you back in time, to a pre-TikTok world.

Circa 2012, the OG beauty YouTubers walked so Beauty-tokers could run. YouTube was THE place for all things makeup tutorials and was where the term 'influencer' was truly coined. This was where a few names, who would test out all the latest beauty launches and collections, first made it big. 

These days, a new product seems to go viral every minute—with TikTokers all sharing the new must-haves from all the major brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Dior, Hourglass, and so on. And it doesn't just apply to makeup, it's everything—from clothes to home decor—and because of the massive reach TikTok has, it's now so easy to be influenced into buying something. Especially when a review has millions of views and likes/or the product itself has thousands of videos all singing its praises.

But popularity doesn't always equal quality and sometimes there's a brand deal or beauty filter (especially in TikTok's case) behind those raving product reviews...

So, in an attempt to sort the fact from the fiction—in terms of actual beauty gems and so on—users have hopped on the 'deinfluencer' trend.


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The 'deinfluencing' trend sees users post videos completely dedicated to which products from the cult-favorite TikTok items list are actually worth the hype and which definitely aren't and have been sitting, collecting dust on their shelves.

The hashtag now gnarred over 323 million views, with videos covering everything from the best perfumes for women to hair tools. 


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Yes, instead of telling us to "run, don't walk" to buy the next must-have eyeshadow palette, they're instead sharing which items—skincare, makeup, hair, etc—we've all been fully duped into loving. And let's just say, even the most popular brands haven't gotten away unscathed...


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It doesn't stop with beauty—it's everything—all the things that influencers can't influence us to spend our paychecks on anymore.


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So, next time you see a dreamy new product trending, maybe give the deinfluencing hashtag a search, to see if there's a not-so-complimentary review before you buy. Though keep in mind, there is an element of personal preference with everything that you buy—so, like with any influencer video, try to take each deinfluencing video with a pinch of salt also... 

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