How to make candles last longer: 5 easy tips to follow

How to make candles last longer with these simple tricks...

How to make candles last longer, Fireside candles in an English home in winter depict 'hygge' - the Danish concept of embracing cosy contentment and conviviality
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There's nothing quite like lighting a scented candle to make you feel all cozy at home but before you know it, even with some of the best scented candles that money can buy, it's only a matter of time before the candle burns out.

But how can you make candles last longer? If you're fed up with buying a new one every week, it could be that you're not making the most of your candles. There are some simple tricks you can adopt that will help them shine brighter for longer.

Victoria Cator, the founder of her self-titled candle brand, has given her top five tips to getting the most out of your wax candle. From fresh air, to burn them on an even surface, learn how you can get your candles to burn more evenly and last longer. 

How to make candles last longer

1. Place it on an even surface

Always burn your candles on an even surface, away from drafts, and burn for a maximum of four hours. If you keep the candle burning for longer than that, then hot wax can build up which can cause a scented candle to lose its fragrance more quickly.  

2. Use a 4-wick candle

Choose for a four-wick candle where possible, as this gives an even burn and prevents any hollowing. Wicks that are made of cotton allow them to burn with the candle which means that the wick doesn’t need to be trimmed. 

3. Fresh air helps the fragrance

Fresh air from a partially open window allows for good circulation and an even throw of scent from the burning candle, helping the candle to circulate around the room and ensure your room is filled with the fragrance. But be careful not to leave the candle unattended.

4. Let the candle cool before trimming the wick

Most candles take up to two hours to completely cool down for both safety reasons and to allow you to trim the wick if necessary. Trimming the wick will allow for a gorgeous bright flame, and ensure for even burning. So make sure you let the candle cool down before lightening again.

5. Reuse the jar

Candles are often housed in beautiful jars, so it would be a shame to throw them away so soon. Why not use them to store pens, make-up brushes or cotton wool? A beautiful addition to your dressing table.

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