Candle warmer lamps are the new TikTok-favorite accessory to add to your cart

It's true: candle warmer lamps are heating up FYPs, and you'll want to add one (or five) to your home

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In the latest edition of "TikTok Made Me Buy It," candle warmer lamps are coming in hot—but not too hot. 

We're always curious how to make candles last longer, and it appears the answer has been hiding in our FYP all along. These clever must-haves are an alternate way to burn the best scented candles without actually striking a match: the heat from the lightbulb melts the wax, and in turn, fills your home with your favorite aroma. 

Not only do the adorable items up the hygge factor in your abode, but they make things safer if you have babies or fur babies running around. Plus, you won't get any soot! Cute, safe, effective—sounds like a win-win to us.

(If you're still burning those new Yankee Candle Christmas scents—Peppermint Pinwheels, anyone?—perhaps you should consider making the switch to a warmer lamp?)

Candle Warmer Lamps on TikTok

On TikTok, decor enthusiasts have decided to show their love for the accessory and have sworn they'd never actually light a candle again! Yes, they're truly converts. Many have taken to the app to share their finds, particularly from Amazon.


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Candle Warmer Lamps you'll love

We had a feeling you'd want to check out this cozy trend for yourself. Here are a few candle warmer lamps to consider, if you feel so inclined (which we know you do).

MEETULED Candle Warmer Lamp $79.99 | US Only

MEETULED Candle Warmer Lamp
$79.99 | US Only

The vintage-inspired flower glass lamp shade and marble base add a chic element to this candle warmer lamp. It's adaptable for all candle sizes and comes with a dimmer function, and the height can be adjusted from 6.69 to 3.5 inches.

Softanzi® Candle Warmer Lamp $49.98

Softanzi® Candle Warmer Lamp
$49.98/ £59.93

This light-sage-colored candle warmer lamp has a modern aesthetic that offers a dimmable light switch and three timer modes. It fits a candle height of 4.9 inches, maximum.

Swokazoe Candle Warmer Lamp for Top-Down Candle Melting $45.99

Swokazoe Candle Warmer Lamp for Top-Down Candle Melting

The thick glass crystal lampshade is heat-resistant and non fragile, making it not only a environmentally-friendly option, but a stylish one, too.

LA JOLIE MUSE Candle Warmer Lamp $64.99

LA JOLIE MUSE Candle Warmer Lamp

A minimal but chic and effective design, the LA JOLIE MUSE Candle Warmer Lamp fits all candle sizes and includes adjustable brightness and timer.

FANOLO Wooden Candle Warmer Lamp $55.99 |US Only

FANOLO Wooden Candle Warmer Lamp
$55.99 |US Only

This modern wooden wellness gadget offers 4Level brightness options and has a set timer of two, four and eight hours.

Do candle warmer lamps work?

Yes, candle warmer lamps slow down the melting process for the wax—burning from the top down—which in turn will make your candle last longer. Who wouldn't want their favorite picks to live a few extra weeks? We're ready to rock and roll come fall and all-things pumpkin spice. (Just sayin'!)

Are candle warmers better than burning? 

According to Candle Warmers Etc., there are a few advantages to consider, including the fact that flames are not present, there is no soot build-up and the slow-burning process gives you more bang for your buck by extending the candle's lifespan.

When the time comes and you feel like switching to another lighting trend, get your glow on with colorful sunset lamps that TikTok and Gen Z also swear by.

(Do note that candle warmer lamps, and sunset lamps, should not be left unattended.)

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