Skkn by Kim is launching a 'minimalist' home line, and the internet has thoughts

Skkn by Kim's bathroom products are made from concrete. Huh?!

SKKN By Kim bathroom line: canister, tissue box, container
(Image credit: SKKN by Kim)

Skkn by Kim is taking a leap from cosmetics into home accessories with a line of 'minimalist' bathroom essentials. Honestly, we've practically forgotten about the newly-launched SKIMS bras at this point. 

Miss Kardashian, taking a page from Martha Stewart's book, has just announced her latest drop of neutral accents, which will hit her website on October 6 at 9am PT, 12pm ET. "Adorn your vanity with minimalist, functional pieces sculpted from concrete," the sneak peeks read. Cozy! Any one else fancy a #Spanightroutine now? 

The collection features a waste basket, tissue box, round container, vanity tray and canister. Should you feel inclined to snag all five items, the bundle is reduced from $417 to a cool $355. The aesthetic might be all about minimalism, but the cost is definitely not.  

In typical Kim K fashion, this news broke quickly and people had a lot to say about the concrete look...and the price tags. (We're going to just stick with that eucalyptus bouquet for a wellness-inspired feel, thankyouverymuch.) 

Skkn by Kim

Upon releasing images of the line, people chimed in with their thoughts about the overly simple yet overly expensive products. 

"Kim you’re trippen bro 😳 I could make this myself in the backyard with cement for free lmao," one Instagram user commented. 

"I love how it all says from hand poured concrete. Yes I’d love a concrete vessel for $150 thank you," another quipped.

People were just as confused on neighboring platforms: Twitter users also had some concerns about the launch.

For a quick recap, the price points are as follows: 

  • Wastebasket $129
  • Tissue box $89
  • Round container $69
  • Canister $65
  • Vanity tray $65

Needless to say, this isn't quite what shoppers had in mind at the moment, but by the time these babies make their debut, Kim will likely be onto something else. (Just a hunch.) 

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