Too Hot to Handle cast: Meet the season 2 contestants who are putting chastity to the test

Rule breakers, 'sexy nerds'—the new Too Hot To Handle cast members have their work cut out for them

Too Hot To Handle
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Netflix's go-to guilty pleasure has returned: The new "Too Hot To Handle" cast has made its debut on the streaming platform (episodes one through four are currently available, the remaining six will drop on June 30th) and emotions are running high...even if sexual escapades are not. We'll introduce you to the season two contestants and everything you need to know about what's ahead.

Filmed on the picturesque island of Providenciales, the show brings together a slew of young Instagram models in a romantic setting, but they're not permitted to participate in any funny business—doing so could cost the entire crew a collective $100,000. 

This year, the participants are shacking up in the swanky $10,000 per night Turtle Tail Estate, according to Marie Claire, as COVID restrictions forced them to relocate from the first season's villa in Mexico. Plus, going to the Netflix series' original spot would be a giveaway, and the contestants weren't aware they were on Too Hot To Handle until they actually arrived on set! (They were expecting to be on "Parties in Paradise," which doesn't exist...yet.) 

Wondering who can keep up with the strict rules? Meet the contestants and judge for yourself. 

Too Hot to Handle cast: Meet this season's stars

Cam Holmes 

The self-identified sexy nerd hails from the U.K. and got the attention of viewers—and fellow contestant, Emily—with his Gollum impression...and perhaps a few other enticing features. 

Emily Miller 

Considering her Instagram bio reads: "A little party never killed nobody," it's safe to say we've found a rule-breaker amongst the participants. For her sake—and everyone else's—here's hoping that the London-based model can behave. 

Melinda Melrose

As soon as the New Yorker steps foot on the island, she immediately sets her sights on Marvin. Think these two models will be able to keep it cool? 

Kayla Jean 

The Floridian is a bartender and model based in Jacksonville. While not much is known about the Sunshine State transplant, we are anxious to see what she has up her sleeve. 

Marvin Anthony 

According to Elle, it seems Marvin has the whole package: looks, a modeling career, and a degree in finance. He hails from Paris, according to Esquire

Larissa Trownson

Larissa Trownson is from New Zealand and very interested in snagging a portion of the prize money, according to Elle. Let's just hope that she and her fellow participants are able to keep their cool and snag the cash.

Peter Vigilante

Peter is the youngest member of the cast and comes from New York...specifically Staten Island. We're sensing a "Jersey Shore"-esque vibe here. 

Nathan Webb

A U.K. transplant living in Texas, the former stripper likes to compare his career to "Magic Mike."

Carly Lawrence 

The Canadian model finds herself in a situation like Melinda and Marvin—she falls quickly for Cam. (So much alliteration going on with these potential couples!) 

Chase Demoor

Chase is a football player from Arizona who thinks he's scored a touchdown upon meeting Carly. But he'll have to adhere to the rules or he'll be benched. 

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