What's going on between Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago from Too Hot To Handle? We're confused too

Are Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago from Too Hot to Handle back together? The answer might surprise you

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago, Too Hot To Handle season 1
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Has the flame reignited for Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago? After sparking romance rumors earlier this spring, fans are beginning to question if the reality TV stars made amends. Before anyone begins shipping these two (again), take a listen to what Francesca has to say. 

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Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago: what's the deal with these two?

While there was very bad blood between the two after the break-up (we're talking lawsuits here), fans were caught by surprise when Harry shared a picture of him and Francesca celebrating his birthday together in Tulum, Mexico. 

It then seemed to be all aboard the getting back with an ex train, with the 27-year-old influencer saying she and Harry might be rekindling their romance on the Domenick Scoti Show. But she quickly squashed those sentiments. 

"We were getting to know each other slowly. And then, he was just being extremely disrespectful to me online," she said, though she did not elaborate on said disrespectful behaviors. 

According to US Weekly, she even continued the interview with a few less-thank-kind remarks, calling Harry a "piece of s***." Looks like round two is officially off...at least for now. 

So... what did Harry do to Francesca?

Okay, here's where it gets messy. On the Too Tired to be Crazy podcast, the host and Francesca's BFF Violet Benson set the record straight, explaining that Francesca got mad at Harry for posting a TikTok with Tana Mongeau at dinner. The heartthrob was also being accused of not standing up for her when Tana also posted a TikTok asking Harry if he had to organize two birthday dinners so they wouldn't cross paths. Still with us?



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However, despite Francesca's comments, Harry revealed he was trying to make amends. "We spoke on the phone about our situation and I feel like I’ve done what I can. I feel like I didn’t let her down. I personally think that she was upset, I took a step back and acknowledged that and apologized and I reversed everything I did. 

"I realized that we haven’t spoken or been close in a year and the situation is super sensitive and I should have been a bit more aware of who I’m posting or who I’m hanging out with or what’s going on because I should have known it would upset her."

What's Tana Mongeau's history with the couple?

During summer 2020, there were rumors that Francesca was dating Tana, after they were seen out to dinner and exchanging flirty comments on social media. However, by September, they were feuding over Tana's close relationship with Harry and their flirty TikToks. Talk about messy...

However, speaking on the podcast, Harry also revealed nothing ever happened between him and Tana. He said: "I’ve never done anything with Tana. People love to speculate’. 

"Me and Tana have such crazy personalities that people can’t just put a label on it so they don’t understand it. I just enjoy hanging out with her because she’s got my back and she’s a good human. She’s crazy online but in person, she’s all business and very nice. The whole time we’ve been friends she’s been sleeping with guys that have face tattoos, we have completely different types. She tells me when she’s going for a shit, that’s the level of friendship we’re on."

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Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago's relationship timeline

In 2020, cooped-up Netflix bingers met Francesca and Harry on Too Hot To Handle, a reality show where sexy, single contestants are challenged to celibacy—and a $100,000 reward is on the line. 

In 2020, the couple confirmed to US Weekly that they were together following shooting the show one year prior, although there had been breaks along the way. 

“We just didn’t see eye to eye on a couple of things and we had a really big fight," Harry admitted on the US Weekly podcast. "She went back to Vancouver, and I was on my farm with my mom and my chickens.”

After a Ring Pop proposal (yes, the candy kind) and the promise to live together in LA, the two ultimately couldn't make it work and were left in a difficult long-distance love affair, which the COVID-19 pandemic worsened.

What's next for these two? Only time will tell...

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