'Too Hot To Handle' season 5 is on its way with a new group of sexy singles

'Too Hot To Handle' season 5 is about to drop: do you think the contestants will be up for the show's celibacy challenge?

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The summer of love continues with Too Hot To Handle season 5. 

On the heels of the Temptation Island season 5 premiere and just before the start of Love Island USA season 5, the fifth installment of Netflix's celibacy experiment will hit the streamer and bring a dose of naughtiness along for the ride. Looks like good things come in fives?

Though little is known yet about the new islanders participating in the series, we spoke to THTH's intimacy coach, Brenden Durell, who seems to think the latest installment of the Netflix dating show is the best one yet. 

"They're really bright and really eccentric. Personally, [I've had] some of my best workshops in this season," he tells My Imperfect Life. "I can't spill the beans on which theme it is, but I will say that there were some amazing breakthroughs."

So, what's headed our way in a few short days? You'll have to tune in to find out.

'Too Hot To Handle' season 5: everything you need to know

Lana's ready to keep a watchful eye on those who entered the experiment. How long do you think it'll take before someone breaks the rules? We have a feeling it won't be terribly long. (Just a hunch!)

When does Too Hot To Handle season 5 premiere?

Catch the show and all of its messy glory beginning Friday, July 14 on Netflix. All 10 episodes will be available upon the season's Friday release. 

Watch the 'Too Hot To Handle' season 5 teaser

Sexy singles are swept off on a luxurious yacht, and they incorrectly assume they're about to participate in a new dating series titled Love Overboard. Though one eager single coined the boat as a "floating sex palace," he's about to have his bubble burst. Turns out, sex is a no-no—and Lana will make sure of it.

What is 'Too Hot To Handle' about?

Per the streamer's official season 5 description: "Will this wild cast be able to stick to the rules and abstain from sexual contact (or self-gratification) in order to form meaningful connections, and keep that prize money as high as their sex drives? Or will temptations prove too strong to resist?"

The fifth installment will follow a similar theme to its predecessors, though we can expect, as Durrell confirmed, new workshop themes, fun connections, and, naturally, a few wild moments here and there. One thing that stays the same throughout it all? Lana, of course.

Who is the cast of 'Too Hot To Handle' season 5?

The contestants have been revealed, and Durrell insists that some of the matches made are truly going to be unpredictable. 

"There were a few matches within the retreat that I was like, 'I didn't see them actually getting together and it working out," he confessed. "So there are definitely some wildcard pairings that I was like, 'Oh wow.'"

Here's who's who. The contestants are from the US, the UK and Switzerland:

Alex Snell (23)

Ꭼlys Hutchinson (24)

Courtney Randolph (25)

Hunter LoNigro (24)

Megan Thomson (26)

Shedre (Dre) Woodard (23)

Issac Francis (24)

Christine Obanor (26)

Louis Russell (22)

Hannah Brooke (24)

What's Durrell's main advice to those sexy singles? Take things slow. 

"Know why you're dating Know what you're out there in the field looking around. Be clear in your intention because that will set the foreground," he told us. Give people more time to express who they are and vice versa.

Do you think our crew will listen to his advice...or are they doomed from the get-go? We'll be the judge come July 14. See you at the villa (not the ship)!

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