What's going on with the Torrid and Hannah TikTok feud?

The retailer and influencer are seemingly feuding and it's become a tense situation across the app

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Social media can boost creativity and community, but the Torrid and Hannah TikTok tension shows it can also become a toxic environment and quick. 

When a social media influencer took to the video-sharing platform to critique the plus-size clothing company's new line, things became so volatile that she received threats at her job and forced herself to go on a TikTok hiatus. 

Even if we're trying to be authentic on social media, sometimes the lines get blurry and things get misinterpreted. Here's what's going on with this virtual situation. 

Torrid and Hannah TikTok feud: what happened?

Hannah, who goes by @that_other_hannah and has amassed over 270,000 followers, is known for promoting body positivity on her platform. On September 28, she created a short clip to discuss the new line from Torrid. 

Though she starts off with stating her love for the brand, some of her comments—including "whatever this $40 nightmare is" and "the same shapeless cold shoulder top with florals that they give us all year round"—did not sit well with those who viewed the video.

Yes, some of her points were blunt, but she claims that the plus-size community relies so heavily on Torrid—some shoppers do so exclusively—so it's important that they get the proper feedback. 

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@Torrid can we talk? Please? I want to help. ##plussize ##torrid ##fallfashion

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After posting the clip, Hannah came under scrutiny and followed up with an explainer, once again noting the importance of the brand and why its collections matter so greatly. 

"I agree that my taste is subjective but whether you like it or not, there are things that are on-trend, in-fashion at this current moment, and none of the plus-size retailers that carry above the size 28, like Torrid, are participating in the trends," she said.

Others, however, were in agreement with Hannah's stance. 

"when they FINALLY bring you on as a consultant, would you please ask them to make sizing consistent as well?" one user wrote. 

"I gave up on them years ago," another wrote. 

Naturally, the floodgates opened from there. 

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I’m open to having more nuanced conversations, but my roasts are my own personal opinions for entertainment. Stop taking them personally. ##torrid ##plussize

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Torrid responded, without naming Hannah directly, and disabled comments seemingly as a result of the back-and-forth. 

"We hear you. And we want you to know that we value you. We've been processing everything you've shared, and we're working on it," part of the clothing brand's statement read. 

Hannah claimed she was surprised that the company decided to disable comments as a result of the criticism. 

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Reply to @that_other_hannah_ ##greenscreen thank you @griselangelp for being such a class act. ##plussize ##torrid ##rebdolls

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Things took a turn for the worse when Hannah received a threat at work from an anonymous troll alleging that she “bullied someone with cancer” and is using “social media to dox and harass individuals.”

Although it hasn't affected the status of her position, it's shaken her up so badly that she is taking a breather from social. In an emotional video, she described what was taking place. 

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Things can become tense, especially considering these interactions are not happening face-to-face. If you feel unsure with how to handle a particular comment, video, challenge and so on, you can refer to the new TikTok mental health resources for assistance. 

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