5 ways to style the famous Uniqlo crossbody bag that *everyone* has for a more original look

The Uniqlo crossbody bag is everywhere for spring 2023

Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag/ in a pink, cream and purple template
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We're not exaggerating when we say that the Uniqlo crossbody bag is THE bag to have in your capsule wardrobe. The bag, which is available at Uniqlo for $19.90, was named the hottest fashion product of the year by shopping app Lyst in their Lyst Index Q1 2023—so the viral pick has likely already found itself in your closet (and the closet of everyone you know). So, here's a guide to styling the famous bottomless bag to stand out from the crowd...

Our lives were forever changed when the Uniqlo Mini Round Shoulder Bag (also affectionately dubbed the Uniqlo moon bag) emerged on TikTok, heralded for its storage capabilities that rivaled that of Mary Poppins' magical carpet bag.

Since those 2022 days, the bag's popularity—like that of the Lululemon belt bag—has skyrocketed, it's even recently gotten a new fabric and colorway makeover. But along with its mammoth success also means that now, bumping into someone with the exact same bag has become something of a daily occurrence for us. So, here's all the ways to style your viral bag to make it your own.


Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag

RRP: $19.90

Made from 100% Polyester, this bag is the ultimate shoulder bag that fits all of your essentials easily, while still remaining sleek and stylish.

A very good question indeed! The buzz around this quote-on-quote 'mini' bag all began when TikTok users discovered just how much stuff they could cram into it—without it exploding or even looking over-stuffed. Exhibit A...


Milly’s gasps says it all✨ £12 at Uniqlo gets you a Tardis


We also put it to the test, to prove it's storage capabilities...

The Uniqlo mini shoulder bag in black and cream / alongside handbag products and beauty staples to represent how much can fit in the bags/ in a pink two picture template

(Image credit: Future/ Naomi)

While we all love the '90s mini bag trend, it's often a constant struggle to find a bag that will fit more than just our phones and wallets, let alone the rest of our essentials. So, finding a cute mini shoulder bag that could fit everything, including a drink, headphones, snacks and our fave Glossier deodorant and best perfumes, along with our phones and purses, was a big deal.

It also helped that the bag became available in a ton of cute spring shades and because of its simplistic and timeless design, it just goes with every outfit.

How to style the Uniqlo crossbody bag

So, now we've discussed why the bag is so popular, let's move on to the styling. This mini shoulder bag is a great staple, especially if you opt for black or cream shades, but there are also some brighter colors to choose from, including green and pink (with more on the way).

The classic way to style this bag is of course, across the body but we've also scoured the internet for other ways to rock this bag—ways that fellow Uniqlo bag lovers might not be wearing it...

1. Wear it on one shoulder

While most people wear the Uniqlo sling bag as a crossbody bag, you can also wear it over one shoulder, which gives it more of a casual vibe.

Wearing it across the body creates more of a statement look, but having it hanging from your shoulder (with the strap slightly longer) will draw less attention to it and will instead, let your outfit do the talking. It will also give the bag more of that 'crescent moon' shape as there's more tension in the strap. 


♬ As It Was - PREP

This style of wear will compliment any of your fave summer dresses and you can also shorten the strap for more of a mini shoulder bag look, which will pair perfectly with a blazer or mini dress for an evening/date night look.

2. Wear it as the focal point

Alternatively, you can lean fully into the viral bag and wear it as the focal point of your fit. So, opt for a statement color and pair it crossbody, with a more minimal outfit—we're picturing a white flowy dress with the green Uniqlo bag overtop.

This will help you stand out from those who are wearing the black, brown and cream bags for instance, as their versatile, everyday handbag.

3. Wear it high up

Another way to sport this bag is to wear it crossbody, but with the strap shortened, so it sits high on your chest.


♬ original sound - Zolanski

This will afford you quite a preppy, trendy look, which (like wearing the bright colorways) is more of a statement.

4. Wear it on your back

If you want to really break the mold, you can also wear the Uniqlo bag across your body but with the actual bag hanging on your back and only the strap is visible from the front. This will hopefully help you slip by those also wearing the viral bag, without having to make that awkward "we have the same bag" eye contact.


♬ Peng Black Girls Remix - A COLORS SHOW - ENNY

If you're opting for this look, we'd recommend wearing it high on your back, like a lil' banana backpack.

5. Wear it low, crossbody

For more of a casual, '90s grunge look, you can also lengthen the strap so that the bag rests on your hip when wearing it crossbody. This is a great look for pairing with your denim maxi skirts or for fall—when you're wearing a scarf and jacket and still want easy access to your bag.


♬ colt 45 - *ੈ✩‧₊˚

The possibilities are truly endless!

Is the Uniqlo bag waterproof?

Unfortunately folks, the Uniqlo crossbody bag is not waterproof. Our eds found that out the hard way on a very rainy day out in the city.

However, while it's not fully waterproof, you also won't find your belongings fully drenched either. While any paper materials were left slightly damp (and our ed's flushable Daye tampon wrappers kind of turned to mush), more robust materials were just left with a few drops of water that were easily wiped away. Plus contents that were kept on the inner parts of the bag weren't really affected. We wouldn't recommend taking it out in the pouring rain, but if you do, just maybe get a tin to keep your tampons in...

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