Vibrators vs. clitoral stimulators: which is best for orgasms? A sexpert weighs in

When it comes to vibrators vs. clitoral stimulators, each toy might be different, but they're both crowd-pleasers

Vibrators vs. clitoral stimulators
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If you're debating buying vibrators vs. clitoral stimulators, sexperts will argue that both goodies need space in your nightstand. 

We're coming into the friskiest time of the year, and women are anxious about solo and partnered sex. Both gadgets can assist, but is one more pleasurable than the other? We're uncovering the orgasm myth so you don't have to!

Vibrators vs. clitoral stimulators: which is best for orgasms

Vibrators and clitoral stimulators are among some of the most popular sex toys on shelves, but according to Laura Wood, sales executive and sexpert at So Divine, there are a few key differences between the two. 

"Bullet vibrators are the smallest and most discrete sex toys out there. They are designed for external stimulation of the clitoris and vulva, making them perfect for women who orgasm from clitoral stimulation," she notes. 

Clitoral stimulators are also crowd-pleasers, but they use a different sensation and target different spots than the bullet vibrator, so essentially, they're not quite going after the same result. 

"The sensation from clitoral suction is much more intense than from a vibrator," Wood says. "A vibrator will provide stimulation for the surface of the clitoris, whereas a suction toy uses a pulsing suction sensation to pleasure the entirety of the clitoris."

Since the suction feature will heighten blood flow to your clitoris, your arousal will increase, as well as your chance for orgasm, so it's likely that those looking for a spectacular grand finale might opt for the clitoral stimulator instead of the bullet vibrator.

However, even if the stimulator might be more powerful, it's possible you prefer the sensation of the bullet vibrator. The good news is there is no right or wrong way to enjoy the toys—it's all about what makes you and your partner happy!

"It’s important to explore for yourself which toy works best for you," Wood says. "Every body is different, and you should only experiment with what you and your partner are comfortable with."

What's particularly enticing about each offering, though different, is that they are equally great for self-pleasure and partnered sex, and they're beginner-friendly. They might have different end goals, but they have the same wow factors. 

"Despite offering different types of pleasure, they are both great for beginners, but they are also great for those looking to use sex toys in partner play as you can stimulate yourself externally whilst also having sex," Wood adds.

Ready to add to your shopping cart? She recommends the following: 

So Divine Pearl Suction Simulator

So Divine Pearl Suction Simulator

This pretty pastel plaything features 11 powerful pleasure levels to mimic the sensation of oral sex.

So Divine Pash Ribbed Vibrator Pink

So Divine Pash Ribbed Vibrator Pink

Explore three speed settings and seven pulsating patterns to find what feels right for you. Wood notes, "The toy has also been designed with a ribbed outer layer for maximum pleasure of your G-spot or clitoris.”

So which will you try first, or will you simply add both to your checkout order?

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