Hilarious Wednesday Addams memes have surfaced about her dating life

Are you Team Tyler, Team Xavier or Team Enid?

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Now that Wednesday Addams memes have surfaced on newsfeeds and FYPs, everyone's choosing sides. 

Are you Team Tyler, Team Xavier or Team Enid? In Wednesday, Netflix's creepy, kooky Gen Z adaptation of the famous story, Jenna Ortega assumes the titular lead role and ventures off to Nevermore Academy, where Gomez (Luis Guzmán) and Morticia (Catherine Zeta Jones) hope she'll behave. (Needless to say that doesn't go as planned.) 

Upon her arrival to the school of outcasts, she's inundated with advances from psychic Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White), piques the interest of Jericho "normie" Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan) and gets bombarded with friendship, rainbows and unicorns from her polar-opposite roommate, Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers). 

Unsurprisingly, Wednesday eludes all types of warmth and affection at first, but she ends up becoming close to a certain few characters along the way, despite her initial resistance. Trust is a big theme throughout the Netflix series, and those who seem to have good intentions aren't always authentic. (Ahem, there's a certain Hyde in disguise who had us fooled...) 

If you, too, have thoughts about Wednesday's active social and romantic life, you'll get a kick out of the popular memes below. (Or will you?) 

Our favorite Wednesday Addams memes about dating

Thing, who's your new favorite friend/potential love interest from Nevermore?

Tyler is just 'misunderstood'

Tyler threw us for quite a loop, and we'll confess, that fake good-guy persona was pretty believable. Even though things turn out incredibly wicked with Tyler, it's obvious that he's just misunderstood. 

'Looks like a cinnamon roll...but could kill you'

Super cute and sweet...until he transforms into a Hyde and sets his sights on you. 

'Hear me out...'

Some say Tyler did have feelings for Wednesday. Though he was wooing her for his own gain at the beginning of the series, we wouldn't be surprised if he fell for our goth leading lady along the way. The man behind the normie/Hyde isn't so sure, however.

"I don’t know if he cared for her," Doohan admits to TV Insider. "I think there’s an attraction, and I think he thinks of her as a kind of worthy adversary."

'It's me, hi! I'm the problem'

There's a Taylor Swift reference for practically everything.

Trust issues

Anyone else super skeptical after witnessing Tyler in all his phony glory?


♬ original sound - molly

Wednesday = Wife material

Our little death trap is making her dating requirements known. Can't fault a girl for being upfront!


We won't lie: we're kind of skeptical of Xavier at first, so much so we shipped Wednesday and Tyler, despite Xavier's warnings. But at the end of the day, his true colors came through and we were all for a "Xavier" union. Yes, the end of the first season was very much an "I told so you moment" for X. 

Bad timing

If we had a dollar for each time Xavier found himself in a precarious situation with Ms. Addams—and the monsters she's looking for—we'd be pretty wealthy.

Crossover alert?

Does Xavier look...familiar?


♬ original sound - main account got banned

'She was sunshine, I was midnight rain'

It's no secret that Wednesday and Enid are opposites in every sense of the word, but that's what makes them such a great duo...and why everyone's shipping the two roomies.

"In a perfect world, we would've been like a thing," Oretga revealed to Pride about Wednesday's relationship with Enid. 

Waiting for season 2 like...

So, Netflix: what's the status with Wednesday season 2? 

Wednesday is available for streaming on Netflix.

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