Sex Magick will help you get witchy in the bedroom and manifest your dreams is spilling the beans on Sex Magick just in time for the spooky season

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It's even spooky season between the sheets. 

With that in mind, sex magick has seen an uptick in interest amongst those looking to get frisky and witchy. Equal parts manifestation technique and orgasm hack, this method actually extends well beyond your time in the bedroom, and even Halloween.

Allow Coleen Singer (opens in new tab), a sex magick practitioner and writer for (opens in new tab), to give you a little insight on the steamy and empowering practice.

What is sex magick?

While the idea of magic and witchcraft sometimes leads us to believe that we'll be immediately fulfilled, sex magick is more about embracing a particular type of energy in order to achieve your desires, both in bed and beyond. Sometimes people manifest with crystals or astrology, others do so via sex toys. (Hey, whatever works, right?)

"Sex magick allows you to hyper-focus on your goals, it invites you to shut off your rational/anxiety-brain for a moment and open up to your heart and feelings," Singer says in a statement. "Instead of fixating on how things happen, or worrying about the process, sex magick is an exercise in you getting out of your own way—and literally following your bliss."

And no, this doesn't necessarily have to be something romance-related. You can pay extra attention to whatever feels meaningful for you in your life at the moment, be it career or personal goals. This is all about suiting your needs. 

"You focus on a goal through affirmation and/or visualization then raise energy through prolonged sexual arousal to a powerful release. At the moment of orgasm, you release your intent into the universe resulting hopefully in manifestation. Sexual energy does a beautiful job of building and releasing that energy naturally," Singer adds.

In a sense, she encourages people to think of this as a "full body prayer."

How to practice Sex Magick

According to Singer, there are five important things to note for those who are interested in giving sex magick a whirl. 

First thing's first, get in tune with your desires and set your intentions. Make sure the area in which you're trying this sex practice is clean and free of negative energy. You might also want to mediate beforehand so that you're in the right frame of mind. 

"This can help to clear your mind of distracting thoughts and get you and your partner in sync with each other," Singer says, though you can practice sex magick solo, too. "Guided meditation exercises are also an excellent way to build the visualization skills you need for working sex magick."

Then, there's nothing left to do but try it out for yourself. 

"As you focus on what it is you desire, allow your physical desire to build. Find that balance between experiencing the physical sensations while keeping the goal in mind," she adds. 

This is certainly a new way to focus on your ambitions, don't you think?

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