The practical ways you can manifest your best life through astrology

Celebrity astrologer and author Aliza Kelly breaks down how to make the most of manifestation

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As we step into a new year, our focus is on setting our intentions for how to make it our best one yet. The past two years have been far from easy with the rollercoaster realities of the ongoing pandemic and while the 2022 horoscope predictions are looking good (we're very excited for the luckiest sign next year!), it's something that is still very much affecting our lives today. While it may feel like many things are out of our control, one thing we can take action over is our mindset and the ways in which we can manifest positivity into our lives. 

Manifesting with crystals became a big trend in 2021, but there are other ways to do it. We spoke to celebrity astrologer and author, Aliza Kelly, whose latest book titled This Is Your Destiny: Using Astrology To Manifest Your Best Life is all about elevating astrology from horoscopes to self-actualization with a series of practical steps.

The book focuses on seven different areas of life: identity, money, relationships, career, intimacy, challenges/hardships, and intuition. For each category, Aliza breaks down a tangible action and an astral action you can take to manifest on the topic. "Ultimately, what I see manifestation as is the feedback loop between our hopes, dreams, and intentions and those taking shape and having form within the physical domain," she explains. 

Connecting these two spaces is key to successfully manifesting your wants and needs in all areas of your life. To get you started, here are some of Aliza's top tips on the things you can do to use astrology to improve your overall way of living both in the present and for your future in some of the key aforementioned categories. 

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How to use astrology to manifest your best life

1. Finance: Give money to others 

"Money is an emotional frequency. It's very much an energetic state of mind so in releasing some of the pressure of hoarding money, wanting to have all the money, and feeling the stress and the scarcity attachment to it, helping other people financially is one of the best ways to feel financially liberated, whether it's $1 or $100," explains Aliza. 

"That's the physical action, the astral action is increasing your thermostat. That means setting your zero and gradually increasing what your baseline is through different spiritual and energetic techniques." 

2. Identity: Assign different clothes to different parts of yourself 

"The tangible technique that I recommend for the identity category is about assigning different clothing items or accessories to different parts of yourself, so that you can tap into different energetic frequencies, depending on the situation that you're in," says Aliza.

3. Intimacy: prioritise self-love 

"In the internal astral world, this is a self-love manifestation. It's creating a list of the things that you feel insecure about, that you feel are your limitations and your blocks and then repurposing them to find strength and power in them," says Aliza. 

"Then the external physical manifestation is to actually change something. So, if you aren't having enough sex, have more sex. If you're having too much sex, stop having sex. If you haven't been able to cultivate honesty, break up or cultivate that honesty. If your life isn't reflecting what actually brings you joy, there are options to make those adjustments."

4. Career: Connect with words that inspire you 

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"This is one of my favorite ones. I always tell my clients to write a list of words based on how they would live their life and then go through that and connect with the words that you feel inspired by, that you feel impassioned by, that you feel sparked and ignited by," she explains. 

"The words have to be industry agnostic because I find that often what happens is that when someone selects an industry or a specific career path, all of the words and the things they look for end up being relative to whatever that profession is. It's hard to break out of just thinking of job descriptions, and go beyond that to think about what actually excites you, you know, what actually makes you feel alive? You need to know what electrifies you."

For more insight on how to manifest a better life for yourself through astral and physical actions, grab a copy of Aliza Kelly's book, This Is Your Destiny: Using Astrology to Manifest Your Best Life.

What better way to start the year?

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