What your choice in jewelry says about you

Jewelry: are you forever buying big pieces of bling or maybe you prefer more subtle styles, find out what jewelry you wear really means...

Ellie Delphine wears golden earrings, a multi colored wool Loewe scarf, an orange wool coat with from Mariam Al Sibai, on January 06, 2021 in Paris, France.
(Image credit: Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Jewelry is one of our many passions, especially when it comes to sustainable jewelry. And it turns out that the jewelry we wear can often reflect our personality - showing people what kind of person we are and give a clue to our values.

So if you're wondering what your choice in jewelry says about you, 64Facets give their expert views...

Minimalism and simplicity

The simple pieces that may occupy your neck, ears, fingers imply a personality that is driven by focus and prone to calmness and clarity. Having one set goal at a time is reflected in how you wear your sleek and tidy pieces.

Ornate and traditional

These kinds of pieces reflect a sense of charm in a person who takes pride in how their image can draw people in. Usually worn with a toned-down outfit, are the perfect introduction to your fun and bubbly personality. While your personality may come first, the foundations it’s built upon are just as beautiful.

Glowing gemstones

Colour is your passion and being adored is your goal. Enchanting gemstones are the centrepiece of your look and are often worn with something that will wow just as much. These pieces accentuate your vibrancy and willingness to wear your confidence instead of keeping it hidden.

Swirling and sultry

Winding jewelry, often worn loosely and low-down, are usually not just worn for exterior purposes. These kinds of pieces are an extension of your every move, with pieces that wrap around your body to enhance the feeling of your own skin. The entire ensemble will be sure to catch the eyes.

So now you've found your perfect match, why not use this as your go-to for buying that timeless piece for someone special.

And if you've got tonnes of necklaces, earrings or bracelets make sure you know to how to clean your jewelry pieces make them dazzle for longer.