Where is 'Conversations with Friends' set? The Sally Rooney story will inspire you to book a trip

Your next holiday called! If you're wondering 'where is Conversations with Friends set?' we've got the guide for you

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Where is Conversations with Friends set? From quaint city outskirts to seaside abodes, our latest TV obsession is making the case for a getaway. Hope you have your bags ready!

The latest TV adaptation of a Sally Rooney book has not only captured our attention with messy relationships and friendship breakups, but a slew of enviable environments. For the author, however, the setting of her stories always seems to come naturally.

"The material reality of the characters has to be grounded in stuff that I actually know. It’s the same reason that all my characters are Irish. I’m Irish. I live in Ireland. Most of my friends are Irish. I feel more grounded in that reality," Rooney admits to The Irish Times. "I am not attempting to disguise it."

Although the locations do in fact exist in real life, that doesn't necessarily mean the protagonists have encountered similar fate's as the writer's loved ones or vice versa. (Phew!)

"I absolutely talk about a lot of the stuff that comes directly from my own life, but that doesn’t mean the way the characters feel about those things is the same," she added. 

While you're attempting to detangle the web of romantic hiccups in Conversations with Friends, Hulu and BBC's latest buzz, we'll catch you up to speed on the show's settings. 

*Warning: some spoilers ahead!*

Where is 'Conversations with Friends' set?

1. Ireland

Frances and Bobbi are former lovers who still manage to carry on as best friends. The two are university students who frequently participate in spoken word open mic nights, which ultimately leads them to some trouble, romantically speaking. 

The series opens up with the duo prepping for finals while at Trinity College Dublin, Rooney's real-life alma mater and the setting for her other bestselling book-turned-show, Normal People.

Although the crux of the series centers in Dublin, we do catch a glimpse of Frances visiting her parents in a small town outside of the city. Rooney lives with her husband in Castlebar, a small town that's a train ride away from Dublin and is home to only 12,000 residents. We envision Frances' mom's to be somewhat similar to the place the author calls home. 

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2. Croatia

Although Frances (Alison Oliver) and Bobbi (Sasha Lane) find themselves vacationing in France with Melissa (Jemima Kirke) and Nick (Joe Alwyn), the locale is changed to Croatia for the TV adaptation and the results are gorgeous. (Psst: we've rounded up differences between the Conversations with Friends TV show vs book for your convenience.)

The quarter stays at Melissa's publicist's seaside abode, which offers a charming beach vibe with stone walls, lush greens and an infinity pool. BRB, we're booking our tickets as we speak. Melissa, do you have room for a few more?

Conversations with Friends -- “Episode 4” - Episode 104 -- Frances and Bobbi travel to Croatia to join Melissa and Nick on holiday. Having not seen or spoken to Nick in a few weeks, Frances learns that he has had a tough time recently and they both realise that they are still attracted to each other. Frances (Alison Oliver) and Bobbi (Sasha Lane), shown.

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What is 'Conversations with Friends' about?

For the uninitiated, the story focuses on Bobbi and Frances' blossoming friendship with Melissa and her husband, Nick. While Bobbi cannot seem to resist Melissa—and even snuck in a kiss—ultimately Frances and Nick engage in an affair. When all of these realizations come to the surface, it's trouble for all involved. 

What better way to experience this wild romantic ride than with gorgeous European locales? We're totally on board. 

(And if you're curious, here's what's happening with Conversations with Friends season 2.) 

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