Where was Gossip Girl filmed? A look inside the reboot’s shooting locations

New show, same city! If you're wondering "where was Gossip Girl filmed?" our guide takes you around all of the HBO reboot's NYC locations

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There's only one answer to where was Gossip Girl filmed: New York, of course!

It's time to get reacquainted with Manhattan's chicest teens: the new Gossip Girl 2021 reboot is about to make its debut on HBO Max, and we're dying to see how the young Upper East Siders have evolved in the age of social media. 

While fans can expect some welcome changes in the reboot—a more diverse cast, including starlet Whitney Peak, as well as more extravagant garments—one thing remains the same: the location. Take a look at some of the spots where New York's new (fictional) elite frequent in between class at Constance Billard and exclusive fashion shows. We know you'll love it! XOXO. 

Where was Gossip Girl filmed? 

1. The Met

The iconic steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art have been the scene of many a Gossip Girl shoot, but now the new clique has taken over the show's popular hangout.

Filming at The Met was a bit more difficult this time around, as navigating COVID-19 restrictions made the task more daunting, the actors revealed in an interview with Dazed.

2. Madison Avenue

All Upper East Siders are familiar with Madison Ave, and judging from these Instagram snaps, it appears the characters are filming outside of Ralph Lauren's flagship men's store. Doing a bit of shopping, perhaps?

3. The Museum of the City of New York 

Constance Billard has a familiar look to it. In reality, the elite prep school featured in the series is actually the Museum of the City of New York.

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4. DUMBO, Brooklyn

We find the newbie of the group spending some quality time with an off-limits beau in Brooklyn. We catch a glimpse of the two walking in the rain under the Manhattan Bridge, presumably after visiting some swanky club in DUMBO, though we're just taking a guess! 

The original series made its way all over the city, from classic spots like Grand Central Station and Lotte New York Palace to Dylan's Candy Bar. 

Although the exact locations have yet to be revealed for the HBO Max series, we're anxious to see how the luxurious city takes shape in this revamped retelling. (Those fashion shows, though!)

Fuel your excitement with the Gossip Girl reboot trailer

Those are some pretty luxurious locales for some young high schoolers, wouldn't you say? We have a feeling plenty of drama ensues, regardless of where in New York the posse ends up.

Get ready to relieve the rich-kid drama on July 8th when the series debuts on HBO Max. In the meantime, go back to Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen's origins by reading the Gossip Girl books in order.

"I always resented books that tried to teach a lesson, where the characters are too good: They don’t swear, they tell their mothers everything," Gossip Girl author Cecily von Ziegesar revealed in a 2005 interview with New York Magazine. 

We can assure you, there's none of that goodie-two-shoes nonsense here. (Speaking of shoes, there are bound to be some expensive ones.)

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