Who is Crystal Minkoff? Meet the breakout star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Who is Crystal Minkoff? Wonder no more, we have all the details about the Bravo newbie

Crystal Kung Minkoff attends Kathy Hilton's Birthday hosted by Christine Chiu, Tina Craig, and Cade Hudson at Mr Chow on March 12, 2021 in Beverly Hills, California
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There's little we love more than bingeing all of the Real Housewives franchise—look, if we get to have a snoop into their lives, homes, and super juicy tea, we're not complaining. We love it even more when there's someone new on the block and in California, the newest housewife is still causing a stir. 

Everyone is asking, "Who is Crystal Minkoff?" now that season 11 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has hit TVs. Like Eboni K. Williams, who became the first Black-American housewife on The Real Housewives of New York, Minkoff has made franchise history as the first Asian-American cast member of the RHOBH.

Read on for everything that you ever wanted to know about the reality TV newbie. 

Who is Crystal Minkoff? Meet the RHOBH newbie

Crystal Kung Minkoff has joined RHOBH for season 11, which debuted on May 19, 2021. Minkoff is the founder of Real Coco, a plant-based beverage company. She's an athlete and loves a game of tennis and hitting the ski slopes. But her most skilled sport is throwing a good party if you ask Bravo sources. 

How is this for crazy? Minkoff is a 76th generational descendant of the Chinese philosopher Confucius. Pretty neat, huh?

She is married to Rob Minkoff, the film director behind the likes of The Haunted Mansion, The Lion King and The Stuart Little series. What could be better for the Beverly Hills ladies than a little bit of Disney magic? The couple met in 2003 and were wed four years later, and they currently have two children together, Max and Zoe. 

What is Crystal Minkoff's heritage?

The California native, who was born to first-generation Chinese immigrant parents, has been a strong supporter of the AAPI community during its recent uptick in hate crimes. She frequently takes to Instagram to show support for her heritage:

Crystal Minkoff: brother and "manny"

In China, Jeffrey Kung is a pop sensation. But when he's hanging out in California with his sister, he is the "manny" to Crystal's two children. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he's been staying in Beverly Hills and we catch a few glimpses of him during the latest Housewives season.

Real Coco Water: About Crystal's brand

The farm-to-bottle brand that Crystal Minkoff and her brother founded alongside Brian Bardos includes products such as organic coconut milk, organic French vanilla coconut coffee creamer, and toasted coconut chips in a wide variety of flavors, including chocolate and caramel. The brand touts its sustainable sourcing, minimal processing and eco-friendly packaging.

How old is Crystal Minkoff?

The Bravo newbie is 38 years old, according to her Instagram profile. 

What is Crystal Kung Minkoff's net worth?

Although Crystal Kung Minkoff's net worth hasn't been officially confirmed, sources suspect the number lingers roughly around $16 million (£12 million).  

Crystal Minkoff house envy

Minkoff describes the gorgeous home that she and her husband built from the ground up as a "labor of love," according to a Bravo Insider clip.

The impressive home clocks in at nearly 9,000 square feet and features a rather gorgeous backyard, not to forget the Instaworthy pool, fire pit, BBQ area and play area for the kids. Fortunately for us, the home can be toured on Bravo's website.

No surprise if this question came to mind, as many people have likely wondered if Crystal is related to the fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff. This seems like a similar case to Dalton Gomez and Selena Gomez, in that two notable people simply have the same last name. So far, there's been no official word that Crystal Minkoff or her husband Rob is related to Rebecca Minkoff, a fashion designer famous for her accessible-luxury handbags.

Crystal Minkoff RHBOH friends...and enemies 

During the latest RHOBH season, Minkoff pals up to fellow cast members Dorit Kemsley and Erika Jayne. Things aren't quite as rosy with housewife Sutton Stracke, however, who at one point attacks Crystal's "ugly leather pants." Allegedly, a feud began between the two regarding acceptance and tolerance. 

Sutton Stracke and Crystal Minkoff feud

Things have certainly gotten messy between these two. While touching on the subject of racial stereotyping, the cast members butted heads during a Lake Tahoe vacation. Sutton has regretted the way the two argued during their getaway, insisting that it is not a reflection of her character and she will do more to let other voices be heard, according to People

Things also took a turn when Sutton accidentally walked in on Crystal naked, and the Bravo newbie insisted she was being violated. We'll have to see the way things play out between the two cast members as this season continues. 

When you need a break from Beverly Hills, be sure to look out for the upcoming miniseries The Real Housewives All Stars. This Housewives spinoff in Turks and Caicos features cast members across multiple franchises as cameras observe them in a Big-Brother-esque, 24/7 environment for eight days straight. What could possibly go wrong with that? An airdate has yet to be confirmed, but we'll keep you posted.

Perhaps we can catch Crystal on this spinoff in the future!

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