Who is Logan Lerman dating right now? A deep dive into the Internet boyfriend's love life

The Logan Lerman dating situation is not a collective one. Here's who the actor is tied to—and was previously tied to.

logan lerman at the bullet train premiere
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Who is Logan Lerman dating? The internet's feathers are about to be ruffled because its object of infatuation is very much off the market. 

On Sunday, August 20, a new photo of the Bullet Train star dropped and sent fans into an absolute tailspin. In comparison to Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet's alleged vacation photos, this one is rather simple: just the actor standing outside of a bodega in a long-sleeved tee. Even still, it was enough to make everyone online lose their minds.  

Though he's been affectionately considered the internet's boyfriend, who is Lerman actually tied to IRL? Here's what you need to know about the star's love life. 

Who is Logan Lerman dating?

Unlike the Emma Watson boyfriend news or Saoirse Ronan's dating life, Logan Lerman isn't one to shy away from his romance with artist Ana Corrigan. But it does seem like a majority of fans aren't terribly aware of his romantic status—either that or they don't want to accept the fact that he's taken. Let's take a gander into the specifics. 

1. Ana Corrigan (2020-present)

Ana Corrigan and Logan Lerman have been an item for some time. She is a Parsons-educated artist working primarily with clay, printed matter, and paint, according to her website. You might recall that her ceramic lamps had a viral moment on Instagram in 2022, in turn, spotlighting the up-and-coming creator. (See what we did there?) 

“It’s a cool way of bridging the gap between art with a conceptual or sculptural focus, and something that can be used to light up a personal space,” she revealed to British Vogue about her lamps. “I feel honored to know that my work exists in this way.” 

She and Lerman make somewhat infrequent but sweet nods to their relationship on social media, giving fans a little inside look at their relationship. In late 2021, Lerman took to Instagram to wish his leading lady a happy birthday: 

"Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday," he captioned a carousel of snowy images. "She truly makes every day better and brighter. I wake up every morning feeling like the luckiest guy in the world knowing I have this one in my life. This bday we learned how to ski. Here’s to many more adventures together. Love you, Anita."

This year, Corrigan posted a video of her fella in the sunset with a cute birthday post of her own: "HBD logie 🎈 I’m obsessed with you and your hair is an inspiration to us all."

2. Alexandra Daddario (2014-2015)

Though there's never been confirmation about the two Percy Jackson co-stars dating, we heard rumors in 2014 that the two were actually to be wed. However, the newly betrothed called it quits roughly a year later in August 2015. Their romance was arguably more under-wraps than Lerman's current relationship with Corrigan. 

In June 2022, Daddario tied the knot with TV and film producer Andrew Form, known for his work in the horror genre. 

"He was also on a walk, and we passed each other downtown. He turned back and said 'hi' just as I was turning around to glance back at him. I laughed and said 'hi,' and then we both laughed about how we were the only two people on what is normally an incredibly busy street, and he asked if he could take me to dinner," she told Vogue about how they met. 

In the meantime, until more details emerge, you can count on the internet to wait not-so-patiently for Lerman's next beautiful photo to drop!

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