Who is Rudy Pankow from Netflix's 'Outer Banks'? Meet the man behind JJ Maybank

He plays the beloved JJ on 'OBX,' but what do we know about Rudy Pankow, the actor?


It's time to get to know Rudy Pankow better, especially as he reprises his role as JJ Maybank in Outer Banks season 3. 

Now that Poguelandia's treasure-hunting teens have made their long-awaited return on Netflix—the third season debuted on Thursday, February 23—JJ's the one frequently leading them towards a mess of trouble, we think it's only right to catch up with the actor, don't you agree?

You're likely aware that Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes found (and lost) love on the set of the hit series, but did you know that Rudy Pankow also found his better half while filming? Were you aware that Rudy grew up in the seemingly polar opposite of the North Carolina setting? There are a lot of interesting tidbits that have likely gone unnoticed—the Pogues are pretty busy, after all—so let's get up to speed on the rising star!

Who is Rudy Pankow from 'Outer Banks'?

Though JJ Maybank is considered Rudy Pankow's breakout role, the actor doesn't think he has too much in common with his fictional alter ego. 

"I think there’s a little bit of JJ in there, but not a whole lot," he told Boys By Girls in 2021. "There are characteristics between me and JJ: he is kind of sporadic, and has a lot of energy at times. But I’m not going to a beach all the time and pulling out a gas and popping off some shots. That’s not who I am.”

Before landing the role of the now-beloved JJ, Pankow appeared in a few TV shows, including The Politician, Solve and Sunny Family Cult, as well as a few shorts, according to IMDB. In the future, when he's not busy with the Porgues, we can expect to see him in 5lbs of Pressure, a thriller where he returns to an old town to get his life in order, but the brother of the man he murdered has other ideas in mind. 

On a lighter note, he'll also appear in The Crusades, which focuses on a boys' high school weekend gone wild and Chocolate Lizards, where a failed actor gets tangled up with an oil driller. 

Rudy Pankow age: how old is he?

Born on August 12, 1998, Rudy is currently 24 years old (and a Leo, for those who are interested in the zodiac!). 

Where is Rudy Pankow from?

Though Pankow made his way to L.A. to kickstart his acting career, he actually grew up in the small Alaska town of Ketchikan. Not what you'd expect from a guy who spends most of his time at the beach (on screen, anyway)!

Rudy Pankow girlfriend: who is he dating?

Since 2020, Pankow has been linked to an assistant on Outer Banks named Elaine Siemek, who is also a nature photographer. You can catch the two hanging out with one another—and their OBX crew—on Instagram. 

Rudy Pankow Instagram: what's his handle?

Speaking of the 'gram, catch up with Rudy Pankow and all of his roles (especially Outer Banks) at @rudeth, where he has more than seven million followers. (And, yes, his profile is listed as a "hot dog joint.")

Catch Rudy Pankow in all three seasons of Outer Banks, now on Netflix.

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