Who is Teddy Soares on Love Island? Meet the contestant who's about to shake things up

New Love Island castmate Teddy Soares says: "I’m not afraid to step on toes to get the girl I want"

Teddy Soares from Love Island
(Image credit: Courtesy: ITV)

First the Euro 2020 final, then an intruder, now Teddy Soares. What else can possibly disturb the peace at the Love Island villa? The new 26-year-old contestant is ready to win hearts, and he certainly isn't afraid to go after what he wants, even if it's someone else's girl. Looks like fellow Islanders—and viewers—will have to brace themselves!

The new kid on the block will make his debut on the July 9th episode, which airs at 9 pm. Naturally, people are already curious about Teddy Soares, so we'll give you a bit of insight ahead of time on the season's latest contestant to prepare for what's sure to be his dramatic arrival.

Who is Teddy Soares?

The Manchester native is a financial consultant who is set on finding his perfect match, according to Radio Times. While Soares claims that he is looking for the real deal, a long-term relationship, he is more than willing to get friendly with all of the ladies on the show in order to find the perfect one.

"From a girl's standpoint, they’re going to have to get used to me stirring a few pots and causing a bit of a ruckus," the new contestant told ITV. 

We can't wait to make ourselves comfy on the couch and watch all of the said ruckuses unfold!

How to follow Teddy Soares on Instagram

It's a bit difficult to pinpoint anything specific about Soares via his Instagram feed, @teddy_soares. Had he not revealed his finance profession, we would've assumed he was a model, judging from the ample amount of selfies. Sultry selfies are the perfect way to work your way onto a dating TV show, after all.

In further discussions with ITV, Soares has coined himself as the reliable, compassionate one in the friend group who people can always lean on...which is lovely but seems to contrast his approach with the women of the household. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what he's really like. 

"I’m not afraid to step on toes to get the girl I want," he further added. Yowzah! 

Teddy is already heading into a tense situation and arguably will make it more so. It appears that Tony and Kaz are headed for a bit of drama, as Chloe managed to insert herself into the equation with a smooch. Wonder which couple Teddy will interfere with?! 

As far as contestants, apparently there are still plenty of people—and plenty of drama—waiting in the wings. ITV commissioner Amanda Stavri claimed that there have been more applications than ever before, and there are many potential candidates who could head to the villa to stir up trouble.

In fact, you can even take your shot at love on the buzz-worthy show. Applications for Love Island's seventh season are currently underway but will wrap up on July 16th. If you're curious, why not give it a shot for yourself?!

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