Will Love Island season 7 be on Hulu and when?

Will Love Island season 7 be streaming on Hulu anytime soon? Here's what you can expect

Love Island contestants Toby and Chloe speaking to camera after a challenge
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We've got a text! .... Actually no, it's a voice note. But Love Island is back and we couldn't be more excited. While UK viewers can watch the show every night at 9 pm on ITV2, US fans are having to use alternative methods to find out how to watch Love Island UK online. But will Love Island season 7 be on Hulu? And if so, when? 

From first impressions of the new Love Island cast (including fashion influencer Kaz Kamwi and model Shannon Singh) to hilarious Love Island memes about the group's first interaction (beware, there is some toe sucking involved pretty early on), it's been a great start to a summer of love and laughter so far.

But while many were speculating on how long Love Island lasts (to make sure our evening schedules are cleared, of course) fans outside the UK were wondering when the new season will be dropping on Hulu, which currently has all the other installments of the hit dating show. 

Here's everything you need to know about when to expect Love Island season 7 on Hulu... 

Is Love Island season 7 on Hulu?

US fans will be pleased to hear that Love Island UK season 7 is now indeed on the streaming platform, after dropping on July 12th. 

Unlike in the UK where the audience gets to watch an episode a night, Hulu now has weeks' worth of Love Island episodes for you to binge. It's definitely worth catching up so you can get to know the contestants (especially since some left pretty early on — ruthless!) and get a feel for who's your favorite before we head into the equally dreaded and much-anticipated Casa Amor.

The big finale will be around mid-August, so you'd have to catch up or risk knowing who the winners are ahead of time... and no one wants that.

Happy binging! 

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