Will Zack from 'Love is Blind' be able to bounce back from his disastrous love triangle?

Who does Zack, 'Love Is Blind's' notorious single, choose: Bliss or Irina? All about that dramatic love triangle

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By now you've heard about Zack, Love Is Blind's most notorious single of season 4. 

Like other contestants on reality dating shows, 31-year-old lawyer Zack Goytowski finds a connection with multiple Love Is Blind cast members, but the internet is convinced he chose poorly between fellow daters Bliss and Irina. Will Zack be able to bounce back from this doomed love triangle? 

Here's everything that went down with dater Zack from Love is Blind season 4.  

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Who does Zack from 'Love is Blind' choose: Bliss or Irina?

In the end, Zack opts for Irina over Bliss, and it was all downhill after "I do." 

For one, Irina and her wing woman Micah have been widely labeled as the season's mean girls. Everyone's finding it hard to watch the pair of ladies giggling at other daters' expenses and being rude to those they've matched with that they're no longer interested in. 

Irina thinks she's about to get a happy ending when Zack ends up proposing, but she literally stops in her tracks upon meeting Zack face-to-face. There was no kiss, there was no flirting, there was no physical connection. And as Zack said on their honeymoon, "It's been f***ing horrible."

Indeed it was, even for viewers. If you were curious whether or not Love Is Blind is scripted, we find it hard to believe that this type of cringe-worthy energy can be fabricated! While on vacation in Mexico, Irina admits to Zack that she can't touch him or even look at him when he talks. She then goes on to say she's attracted to Paul, a.k.a. Micah's husband-to-be. So far, it's most definitely not a good start for this Love Is Blind season 4 couple!

What happens between Zack and Irina on 'Love is Blind'?

It becomes very clear, very quickly that Zack has made a mistake in not pursuing his connection with Bliss. After several days of being ignored by his fiancée, he finally admits to himself that Irina is not a good connection. They call it quits while in bed in their hotel.

Upon the end of the couple's stay in Mexico, Zack was wondering if he stood any chance with Bliss now that he had broken things off with Irina. Given the way she behaved, we were surprised to hear that Irina allegedly ended up reaching back out to Zack after their split. 

"I have not talked to Irina since Mexico. She sent me text messages, but I honestly never responded to any of them," he told TODAY

It's too soon to stay what's in store and if we will get to see Zack get a second shot at finding love blindly, or if Bliss will make her way back into the equation. We have plenty to unravel, and you better believe we won't be missing a second of it. (Here's the schedule for all of the upcoming Love Is Blind season 4 episodes, so you won't either!)

Let's keep those fingers crossed for happily-ever-afters! There's still a long way to go before we venture to the altar.

Love Is Blind season 4 premiered on Netflix on Friday, March 24.

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