Does Irina leave 'Love Is Blind' season 4 early?

Things are not looking terribly positive for Irina, 'Love Is Blind' season 4's pot stirrer. Where does she stand now?

zack and irina in bed on their honeymoon on love is blind season 4 looking pissed off
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Will things pan out smoothly for Irina, Love Is Blind season 4's resident pot stirrer? 

In the first few episodes, when we meet the Love Is Blind season 4 cast, we catch Irina eavesdropping on contestants' talks, needling her match's other connection, Bliss, and essentially isolating herself from the rest of the women in the pods. But all goes according to plan when she gets a proposal from Zack—the main reason she decided to join the cast. 

"I can't do this," she tells Zack from behind the wall. "I can't wait for you to sit there to say, like yes or no." 

Ultimately, they both said "yes"...but Irina was less than pleased upon their in-person meeting. There wasn't a kiss. There weren't any tears of joy. There was no excitement—just shock. In fact, she even told Zack that he was not blinking enough for her liking, and she did not appreciate his staring. (She did seem pleased with the engagement ring, though.)

Needless to say, the hopeful romantics were not off to a positive start on their honeymoon in Mexico. While Tiffany and Brett were falling fast and Micah and Paul were working out a few kinks, Irina seemed completely and utterly disgusted. The couple sat on opposite ends of the bed, did not mingle with one another in group get-togethers and, again, never got physical. The honeymoon phase was not over—it didn't even begin. 

What's more is that Irina reveals she felt a connection to Paul, her BFF Micah's match, which she admits to Zack. Talk about a predicament! But does the drama maker actually leave Love is Blind season 4 early? Here's what went down.

*Warning: spoilers obviously ahead!*

Does Irina leave 'Love Is Blind' season 4 early?

Given that the attraction seemed to have dissolved practically immediately for Irina, she does ultimately leave Love Is Blind season 4 during the first six episodes, which debuted on Netflix on Friday, March 24. (Remember a few short weeks ago when we were questioning whether or not Shayne leaves Perfect Match early?) 

"It's been absolutely horrible," Zack revealed while in their hotel suite. "It's been f***ing horrible."

That's when Zack claimed to rethink his decision. Perhaps his connection with Bliss was more heartfelt? Heck, she made him cupcakes for his birthday and didn't even know what he looked like or much about him at all! Is it too late to rekindle that energy with Bliss?

Well, if there's a Perfect Match season 2, perhaps Irina can finagle her way onto that cast, but for now, it appears she does not think love is blind after all. As for the other Love Is Blind season 4 couples? Well, you're just going to have to tune in to find out. 

Best of luck, folks! If the first batch of episodes is any indication, the contestants are certainly going to need it throughout this unusual experiment.

Love Is Blind season 4 premieres on Netflix on Friday, March 24. Here's the schedule for all the Love Is Blind season 4 episodes, and be sure to check out other shows like Love Is Blind, too. 

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