How to create easy 4th July makeup looks that are festive too

Stars and glitter all the way with these 4th July makeup looks

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There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a themed beauty look and Independence Day is the perfect excuse to grab your red lippy and eye-rhinestones for a star-spangled 4th July makeup look.

Whether you just want a reason to debut you’re favorite blue eyeshadow (very y2k) or try your hand at a red glitter lipstick—we’ve got the perfect mix of simple and full-on glam looks for whatever vibe you’re going for to celebrate America’s birthday!

4th July makeup ideas 

1. Red, white and blue eyeshadow

If you want to do a full-on ode to the US flag, a blown-out and blended red, white and blue eyeshadow look is definitely the way to go. Pop the white in the center of your eye to create a dreamy gradient between the two primary shades. 

How to create the look:

  1. Prep your lid with an eyeshadow primer
  2. Then take a fluffy brush and your white shade and apply it to the center of your eyelid
  3. Then apply your red and blue to either side and blend towards the center
  4. Start light and build
  5. Then take your highlight or a glitter shade and apply it to your inner corner
  6. Finish off with a black winged eyeliner (don't worry we've got all your eyeliner for beginners' needs covered)

2. Red lipstick ala Taylor Swift & Megan Thee Stallion

A red lippy is a classic and will definitely work for a simple and lowkey 4th of July look. 

Either go for a dark liner, red lip combo like Megan Thee Stallion—or go for a classic, orangey-red like Taylor Swift who did, once upon a time, own the holiday with her 4th of July parties—remember?

How to recreate the look:

  1. For Megan's Vampire-style lip, start with a dark brown lip liner 
  2. Then apply your red lipstick
  3. Take a thin lip brush and blend your brown liner into your lipstick to create that gradient look

3.Glitter lipstick


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Glitter lipstick is another great option for those of you who want to be a bit more glam for the holiday. Go for a red lippy and matching glitter—or you can just go for a pink or nude, the glitter is really the key part of the look. 

How to recreate the look:

While you can shop glittery lipsticks, you can also recreate this lip look using lipsticks, gloss and loose glitter pigment.

  1. Apply your chosen lip shade
  2. Then apply either a gloss or specialised lip/ glitter adhesive (no lash glue, thank you)
  3. Then either taking your finger or a flat brush, press on your glitter

4. Starry eyes

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We’re taking inspo from SZA here after she debuted a shooting star makeup look on Insta. 

While it might look super complex, you can actually recreate it will the help of a stencil. You can either buy a star-shaped stencil or make your own out of paper and then just shade over it with your choice of eyeshadow.  

How to recreate the look:

  1. To do SZA's look, create your preferred star stencil 
  2. Position it over you lid and then take a fluffy eyeshadow brush
  3. Use a brown eyeshadow over your stencil and build up
  4. Make sure you use an eyeshadow primer so it doesn't budge

5. Rhinestone liner

We’re incorporating a bit of Euphoria makeup for this one, as nothing says a celebration like some crystals and rhinestones. Either dot them around your eyeshadow look or create a crystal liner—like Dua Lipa’s.

It also feels very old Hollywood—Dua’s look just reminds us so much of Audrey Hepburn.

How to recreate the look:

  1. Create your eyeliner wing
  2. Then carefully apply dots of eyelash glue over your liner—make sure to space them out evenly
  3. Then, take some tweezers (as it can get fiddly) and carefully press your rhinestones to your glue dots
  4. For the lower lash line, repeat the process—being careful to space out your crystals evenly
  5. Complete the look with mascara

6. Blue eyeliner

A bold, colored eyeliner is definitely fulfilling the July 4th assignment and is actually one of 2022 biggest beauty trends. As we see from Violette, you can create a really chic, statement look with a simple blue liner!

This look from TikToker @michellekdoria is also a dreamy alternative. Use your blue liner to create a cute star in your inner corner—yes, yes and yes!

How to recreate the look:

  1. This one's easy—just take a blue liquid liner and do the usual drill
  2. You can also use blue eyeshadow for a softer look, taking an angled brush for a snatched line.

♬ Say It Right - Nelly Furtado

7.Red, white and blue wing


♬ original sound - Ian Asher

Similar to the red, blue and white eyeshadow look but this time in a winged shape, with either the blue or the red used for your underliner. 

How to recreate the look:

  1. Start with a brown eyeshadow shade all over the lid
  2. Then carve out your desired wing shape with concealer and a flat eyeshadow brush
  3. Apply your red shade over the top and out into a wing
  4. Add your blush shade on your lower-lash line and out—following the shape of your red wing

8. Gold glitter


♬ original sound - cece cece cece

A look with any gold glitter is a win for us. Whether it’s just sprinkled over your lids or in the shape of stars (like the flag obvs,) you’ve got an adorable look on your hands.

How to recreate the look:

  1. For the cheek star, paint the shape with makeup glue/ face-safe glitter adhesive and pat on gold glitter
  2. Position it just above the apple of your cheeks
  3. Then take your angled eyeshadow brush and brown shadow and create a soft brown liner
  4. Apply the same glue in a line under your brow  and again pat on glitter and add a few rhinestones
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