The 90s thin brows trend may be making a comeback—thanks to this viral TikTok filter

Thin brows are having a moment on TikTok, but thankfully you can try before you pluck—thanks to this viral filter.

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Grab your tweezers people—TikTok is attempting to bring the 90s thin brows back!

TikTok really has become our go-to for all things fashion and beauty-related. Whether it’s finding the latest must-have clothing piece—like the viral Zara pink dress, or discovering new makeup and hair trends like 90s blowouts

So when viral videos start emerging of thin brows, you can almost guarantee a new beauty trend is brewing…

Yep, you heard right; TikTok users are rediscovering the 90s trend of thin brows, à la Kate Moss and Pamela Anderson, thanks to a scarily realistic filter that shrinks your eyebrows. And the effect is actually incredible...see below!


♬ Fantasy (feat. O.D.B.) (Bad Boy Fantasy) - Mariah Carey

The thin brow, as many will know, has been coming in and out of style for decades now, from Marilyn Monroe in the 50’s, to their popular revival in the 90s, thanks to the likes of supermodel Kate Moss and actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore. 

While thicky and fluffy brows are more in vogue currently, it seems they’re making yet another comeback. We can probably thank Pamela Anderson for much of the revival, and the recent trend of ‘Pamcore', due to Lily James' portrayal of the iconic in the recent Pam and Tommy series.

While the idea of skinny brows may fill many of you with dread—we all have a nightmare overplucking story—thankfully technology is here to give the look, minus the regret.

There are numerous filters out there, but the one everyone seems to be using right now is ‘90’s eyebrows’ and the transformation it gives is pretty staggering!  Users have been showing off the before and after results, and nine times out of ten, they’re in love with the new look.


♬ Fantasy (feat. O.D.B.) (Bad Boy Fantasy) - Mariah Carey

The new TikTok trend, which is set to the sound of Mariah Carey’s I’m So Into You or an edit of Michael Jackson’s Beat It,  is racking up views, with some videos accumulating over 300,000 likes. We must say, as much as we love a feathered brow, these 90s brows do leave users looking runway-ready…


♬ original sound - alexa 🌙

♬ original sound - alexa 🌙

Speaking of the runway, it’s not just TikTok’s beauty enthusiasts making a case for the retro look. We’ve recently spotted Bella Hadid repping thinner brows, which she tames with a $16 brow gel—and anything with her endorsement is a win in our books.

While we’re not recommending a spontaneous, drastic eyebrow makeover, this filter trend is definitely one to try to see if the look suits you!

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