Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan kissed at the MTV Movie Awards—and fans are not sure how to feel

We did not see this coming

Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan pose backstage during the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards at the Hollywood Palladium
(Image credit: Getty Images / Kevin Winter/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards / Contributor)

With Award season comes many stand-out, dramatic moments—from female directors dominating at the Oscars 2021, to Little Mix making history at the BRIT Awards. The MTV Movie Awards, like any good awards show, was no different—although none of us saw this coming.

Fans have been left very divided by a live, on-stage kiss between Addison Rae and her ‘He’s all that’ co-star, Tanner Buchanan, at the MTV Movie Awards.

They took to the stage to present the ‘Best Kiss Award’ but before announcing the winner the two went into a very intense make-out session, live on TV.

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Some fans were left completely speechless and shocked by the kiss, one fan wrote: “did I Just see Tanner Buchanan Kiss Addison Rae?” 

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Others were left delighted by the kiss between the two stars of the remake of the 90’s classic She’s All That. Fans said they loved the idea of the couple, because who doesn’t love a fictional couple having a real-life romance?

One fan tweeted: “I ship Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan.”

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Other MTV viewers, however, were not so impressed by the exchange. Many fans took to social media to express how awkward and hard to watch they’d found the kiss.

One wrote: “I hope Addison Rae knows everyone hated whatever the hell that kiss was on stage so she knows to never do it again.”

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Another said: “me when i first saw the video of addison rae kissing someone on my tl lmao”

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And a third posted: “If I had to see Addison Rae kissing Tanner Buchanan, you do too.”

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Whether you love or hate the kiss—is it really an awards show without a little bit of cringe and a new celebrity pairing?