American Girl Doll memes will help you laugh through the chaos

'We need an American Girl Doll who...' is the internet's new favorite trend

american girl dolls in store window
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The world may be confusing, but American Girl Doll memes add a little levity to the never-ending string of bad news.

Unlike Barbiecore, this new internet fad reimagines the classic brand with a twist, no fuchsia dress required. The trending hashtags on TikTok and Instagram begin with "When need an American Girl doll who..." before giving a historical example...or a simply outrageous one. As you might've imagined, the jokes have taken a turn for the political as of late. 

The dolls that millennials grew up with were all tied to specific timeframes: Kit Kittredge is an aspiring journalist from the 1930s, while Josefina Montoya hails from 1824 Mexico City. It's pretty unanimous that Samantha Parkington from the early 1900s is a tad prissy (though adorable). 

Given that the internet does clever work, you can just imagine the fun it has had with current references. 

American Girl Doll memes

1. The one who won't tolerate Joe Rogan

2. The one who protests

3. The one who hexes Brett Kavanaugh 

4. The one who has financial complications

5. The one who wants to overthrow the government

6. The one who dissents

7. The one who throws ketchup à la Trump

The non-political American Girl Doll memes

Any of this sound familiar, ladies?

1. The one with anxiety

Time to download a few of the best meditation apps, perhaps?


♬ Halloween Theme Song - Ultimate Halloween Bash

2. The one who parties in the dorms


♬ Panda - Desiigner

3. The one's who is a Swiftie


We need a swiftie doll.

♬ Sweet Giirrrrllll face beat x Father Philis - Phil

4. The one who read NSFW fan fic


♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

The American Girl Doll meme origins

In February 2022, Barrett Adair created @hellicity_merriman, a wonderfully sarcastic nod to our favorite childhood toys and current state of affairs, be it politics or simply womanhood. 

"My best friend and I (we run the account together) think it’s wild that so many people find it funny, but we’re thrilled," Adair tells My Imperfect Life. "We get the sweetest messages from people saying that reading our posts makes them happy, gives them something to share with their friends and family and even soothes their anxieties about life and the world."

We look forward to the creativity and laughs ahead—we could sure use 'em. 

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