Fans are screaming over Andrew from 'Love is Blind' getting caught using fake tears

Cry me a river? Andrew from 'Love is Blind' season 3 has fans questioning how *real* the reality show is

Love Is Blind. Andrew Liu in season 3 of Love Is Blind. Andrew from Love is Blind 3
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Ok, we all know to take the "reality" of reality TV with a grain of salt but Andrew from Love is Blind is taking that suspension of belief to a whole new level. 

With all of his smooth talk about "sexual kung fu" (whatever that is), 30-year-old operations manager Andrew Liu already was a social-media standout from the Love is Blind season 3 cast, but it was in the third episode of the new season (which debuted on Netflix on Wednesday, October 19) that he solidified his claim to viral fame. 

*Spoilers ahead!*

After Andrew had proposed to and ultimately been shut down by fellow cast member Nancy Rodriguez (alas, they won't be making it on our list of Love is Blind season 3 couples), Nancy said of Andrew: “Men have this persona they want to give off, and so there is a lot of deception...Andrew is too cool, too calm, too collected. It’s not what I envisioned my husband to be.”

The sentiment proved to be true in Andrew's own post-rejection confessional, where he seemingly used eye drops to make it look like he was emotional. What he didn't realize, however, was that the producers would leave the clip of him pulling out that good ol' Visine in the actual episode. 

“Is it okay that I’m doing this?” Andrew asks the producers in the clip. “If your eyes are hurting you, then by all means,” they answer. However, once the reality-show romancer starts sniffling and saying, "I never thought I could care for someone that would bring me to tears," it's clear his motivations weren't purely moisture-based. 

Social media unsurprisingly had a field day with the inauthentic TV moment, which will undoubtedly launch a whole new batch of Love is Blind memes for us all to enjoy. Here's hoping that Love is Blind season 4 is this entertaining!

Fans react to "tearful" Andrew from 'Love is Blind':

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Tune in on November 9 to see how it all unfolds in episode 11 and the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion!

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