'Love Is Blind' season 3 is on its way, along with two more seasons of the reality hit

If you can't resist romantic reality TV, 'Love is Blind' season 3 is coming soon to satisfy your craving. Plus, intel on the future of the franchise

Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Will there be a Love is Blind season 3?
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Looks like Cupid will be busy: not only will we get a Love is Blind season 3 later this year, but Netflix has renewed the romantic reality hit for an additional two seasons.  

Some Love Is Blind couples managed to find their happily-ever-after (we're looking at you, Lauren and Cameron). Others, like Damian and Giannina, weren't quite as fortunate, to say the least. 

Much like the debut participants, season 2 contestants put viewers through the wringer with tears, rejections, reemerging exes...and let's not even get started with Deepti. Despite the anguish, we're buckling up for plenty more romantic fiascos and welcoming the drama with open arms. 

If you can't wait to see what happens in the pods next, we'll fill you in on the big plans underway at Netflix. 

'Love is Blind' season 3: what we know so far

Though the sophomore installment just wrapped up in February 2022, there won't be a long wait for round three: the third season will make its way to screens this year. A specific date has yet to be revealed. 

Season three has already been filmed in Dallas with a new crop of singles and, like previous installments of the series, will consist of 10 episodes, per People (opens in new tab).

The streaming platform announced the news on Thursday, March 24, with a humorous video from co-host Nick Lachey and Love is Blind stars like Jarrette Jones and Matt Barnett,

'Love is Blind' is renewed for seasons 4 and 5:

Fans have reacted quite favorably to the over-the-top experimental method of coupling up, so much so that Netflix decided to gift enthusiastic viewers with another two seasons. Like previous seasons, seasons four and five will feature new singles in new cities. (Season one took place in Atlanta, Georgia, and season two in Chicago, Illinois.)

'Love is Blind' spin-off, 'The Ultimatum'

In the meantime, hopeful and hopeless romantics can keep busy with The Ultimatum, Netflix's new bizarre dating tactic from the creators of Love Is Blind.

In our opinion, this will be far more brutal, particularly for those who have signed up. On Love Is Blind, singles are discreetly matched to see if their personalities mesh well or clash. However, The Ultimatum focuses on couples who are at the breaking point and hovering between a split or marriage. 

To up the ante, The Ultimatum finds new matches for each person in the relationship, and at the end of a three-week vacation, they'll have to decide whether they want to move on from their original partner or commit. 

What's sure to be a romantic dumpster fire will premiere on Monday, April 4. 

More romantic reality shows on Netflix:

Continuing the dating trend, Netflix has added a few other series to its lineup that will sure to please fans of TV shows about gossip, drama and matters of the heart. 

Although dates have yet to be announced, the US will see its own version of Love on the Spectrum, an Australian-based series that examines how young people on the spectrum adjust to dating. 

Indian Matchmaking will get a makeover with Jewish Matchmaking and—perhaps the biggest news of all—an untitled dating show à laThe Bachelor franchise will also make a premiere in the near future. It's said to include alumni from Too Hot to Handle, Love Is Blind, The Circle and Selling Tampa.

Too Hot To Handle cast image

(Image credit: Netflix and Tom Dymond)

Our reality TV hearts have gone into overdrive! If we could throw someone from The Tinder Swindler in there to fill our scamming quota, we'd really be thrilled. (For the record, that's not happening—at least not yet—but if it does, you heard it here first.)

Should the romance route not be your thing, might we suggest the best true crime on Netflix? Happy binge-watching, friends!

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