'Love Is Blind' season 3 teases a bumpy ride: 'We should just swap fiancées'

People don't always find love in the pods, but they certainly manage to find drama

nick and vanessa lachey greeting the cast of love is blind season 3
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Hopeful romantics are at it again in Love Is Blind season 3. 

Netflix's experimental reality dating show has decided to test out its unusual method in Dallas, Texas, where a slew of contestants will interact with one another...without actually seeing the person they're speaking to. (You know the drill.) 

Is the third time truly a charm for the pod squad? Well, we have a feeling that there are definitely going to be a few hiccups for the Love Is Blind cast: season 3's teaser left us with a heck of a lot of questions and a whole lot of uncertainty. 

Buckle up, romance fans—we're headed to the Lone Star State. Yeehaw!

'Love is Blind' season 3: 

love is blind season 3 overhead shot of the pods

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Ahead of Love Is Blind After the Altar season 2 on September 16, news broke that a third season of the show is due to premiere on October 19. Looks like our fall screen time will be treated to a large helping of romance. Although the flames seemed to have fizzled out for the Love Is Blind couples on season 2, we're hoping things are a bit better for the successors. 

A quick recap: no one from the Love Is Blind season 2 cast found a S.O. on the show: Danielle and Nick split and so did Iyanna and Jarrett. We held out hope for Kyle and Deepti, who met on the show but were not paired with one another. That seemingly perfect match also fizzled. And let's not get started on Sal bringing his new lady friend to meet the crew—in front of his ex, Mallory. 

'Love Is Blind' season 3 trailer

Truth be told, the Love Is Blind season 3 trailer has us on edge thanks to all of the contestants' confessions. 

"I'm having feelings for multiple women right now," one says. 

Another suggests, "We should just swap fianceés," as if that will be the problem-solver. (Could you imagine?!)

And, perhaps the most heartbreaking reveal of them all: "The person I love doesn't love me." Ouch.

Earlier this year, before the main teaser dropped, we got a few snippets of contestants' excitement, but it was no way as dramatic as the main trailer itself.

"I'm not for everybody, I just hope I will be for him," we hear a contestant state.

"Where you at, Wifey? Come at me," another declares. 

Let's hope the enthusiasm remains high...even when times get tough in the pods.

'Love Is Blind' cast

Everyone's on the hunt for their special person—who will walk away with a spouse? Have a look at what the cast is searching for below!

'Love is Blind' is renewed for seasons 4 and 5:

Fans have reacted quite favorably to the over-the-top experimental method of coupling up, so much so that Netflix decided to gift enthusiastic viewers with another two seasons. 

Like previous seasons, seasons four and five will feature new singles in new cities, though locations have yet to be revealed at this time. (Season one took place in Atlanta, Georgia, and season two in Chicago, Illinois.) Nick and Vanessa Lachey will do the hosting honors and help singles find their way towards their soulmate. 

nick and vanessa lachey from love is blind

(Image credit: Adam Rose/Netflix © 2022)

Should you be hosting a get-together for the premiere, might we recommend a hand of the Love Is Blind party game? What better way to ring in a new season, right? 

And, if you're feeling a little antsy until After the Altar premieres and season 3 follows in October, we should warn you that Netflix subscribers are going crazy for Dated and Related. (No it's not what you think.) As siblings team up to find love for themselves and their brother or sister, things get hectic in the Cannes villa, but a few Dated and Related couples are going strong!

Netflix, you've certainly piqued our interest! (Not that we're being pushy, but how about a Dated and Related season 2?) 

Love Is Blind season 3 premieres on October 19 on Netflix with weekly episode drops through November 9.

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