Bella Hadid is bringing back an old-school hair trend and we're getting major déjà vu

Nostalgia alert! Bella Hadid's latest 'do will transport you back to the '90s

Bella Hadid is seen in Midtown on November 05, 2021 in New York City.
(Image credit: Gotham/GC Images)

Prepare for an unexpected 90s throwback: Bella Hadid's casual 'do is made of childhood dreams. 

Remember the bobble hair tie? Unlike "The Rachel," fierce scrunchies or butterfly clips, this '90s hairstyle has all but fizzled out. You might've scored a few at Claire's back in the day—way, way back in the day. They're youthful, playful and might be having a style resurgence thanks to the model.

Bella Hadid's 90s 'do

While out with System Of Service bringing holiday toys to those in need, Hadid rocked a brown clip that clasped her locks back. The two bobble hair ties were fastened behind her ears. Not only is she looking good with her old-school style, but she's doing good in the process. 

Snag bobble hair ties for yourself

You probably last wore these babies on picture day in kindergarten, but if you're feeling adventurous and want to try the trend for yourself, have a peek at the fun, colorful options below. They simply scream rainbows and unicorns!

Amazon, Beauty Town's Ball Bubble Ponytail Holders ($5.49)

Amazon, Beauty Town's Ball Bubble Ponytail Holders ($5.49)

Hair ties, 20 count, available in purple, green, gold, pink and blue. 

Amazon, FOMIYES Elastic Hair Bands Butterfly Hair Rope (£7.69)

Amazon, FOMIYES Elastic Hair Bands Butterfly Hair Rope (£7.69)

Elastic hair ties with acrylic crystal balls in pink, green and blue. 

Hadid is known for changing things up in the hair department. This year alone, fans swooned over her bright-red bobchunky red highlights micro bob à la Claire from Fleabag (but chic...and French). 

Now that we're reliving our childhood, you'll have to excuse us: we're going to go full-on '90s with a Sailor Moon marathon and attempt the greatest '90s blowout with a little help from TikTok. Wish us luck!

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