Over 80,000 people agree Brooklinen's bedding bundle is 'life-changing'

It's the ultimate bed in a bag

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After doing our nightly skincare routine, there's nothing more satisfying than sinking into a bed with fresh sheets in our best pajamas. Owning a cozy set of bedding— including the fluffiest, best pillows for sleep—can set the tone for how you snooze at night. While sleep aids can help you drift off to sleep at night, if you're fully not comfortable then you're more prone to a restless night.

If you've been noticing holes in your bedding or just can't get settled and snuggly at night, you may want to consider splurging on a new bed set. Rather than scour the internet looking for the perfect bedding set, we've got you covered. With over 80,000 reviews, shoppers cannot stop praising Brooklinen's Luxe Move-In bundle for its quality and personalization.

Consider this the ultimate bed-in-a-bag. If you want to completely start fresh, then this bundle will leave you with the ultimate bed goals. Included are a fitted sheet, flat sheet, two pillowcases, a comforter, and two pillows. What makes Brooklinen's so unique from most bed-in-a-bag sets is that it's completely customizable: you get to build your set to meet your sleep and style needs, including the firmness of the pillow you want and the filling put in your comforter.

The sheets even come in a variety of shades and patterns including white, cream, gray, windowsill pattern, and navy blue. Since it's customizable, you can personalize it to fit the aesthetic of your bedroom. The set also ships internationally, so no matter where you're going, you can just have this shipped to your new (or current) home.

Other shoppers can't stop raving about how cozy the complete set is, and with over 80,000 reviews, you know it must be good. One shopper even claims they're sleeping better thanks to the sheets.

"My Brooklinen sheets not only look beautiful but they do get softer with each washing...I never thought the quality of sheets could [have an] impact on sleeping but I am truly sleeping more soundly with my new sheets," praised one reviewer.

Another reviewer described the set as "life-changing" because of its quality and softness.

"My friend recommended that I try Brooklinen’s Luxe Sateen bedsheets and it’s been life-changing!" they wrote. "The sheets are so soft and comfy. Luxe Sateen lives up to its name—luxurious hotel feels. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future!"

For an "elegant" and "stylish" look and feel, this move-in-ready bundle might make laying in bed your new favorite hobby.

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