Psychologist reveals why these top 2021 candle trends are good for our health

These are the candle trends to watch this year...

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Candle trends are something all home-fragrance lovers will surely be drawn to, finding the best scented candles to work for your own space. And with scents evoking a different mood depending on your selection, it’s perhaps no surprise that many people might use candles as a form of self-care. Whether it’s making us feel more relaxed, energized, or even joyful, it’s amazing how much of a difference they can make. 

But whilst some of us might be looking for the best Yankee scented candles or a stunning soy candle, it seems the scent could be even more crucial than we thought. 

OnBuy’s Health and Beauty Department has investigated how candles can affect us psychologically, and which of our favorite candle trends are looking most popular in the year ahead. 

How can candles boost our mood?

OnBuy spoke exclusively with Lee Chambers, psychologist and wellbeing expert and he has explained how candles can boost our mood when stuck inside.

"As humans, our olfactory system has a close relationship with our brain, and therefore certain scents can impact our mood. This is particularly powerful as we associate smells with experiences, which come with attached emotions. Because our olfactory system is linked to the areas of the brain that deal with learning and emotions, scents can also directly impact how we feel,” Lee revealed. 

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“While part of the benefits come from a psychosomatic belief, and our memories of experiencing the scent previously, studies have shown that citrus notes can energize us and elevate our mood, floral fragrances can promote elements of joy and a feeling of being grounded, and lavender brings a relaxed feeling of serenity,” he disclosed. 

It seems that when it comes to uncovering the candle trends that are looking most popular in 2021, OnBuy found the soy candle has come out on top, with 35,350 people searching for them each month. Soy burns cleaner and helps to reduce the amount of indoor air pollution produced by normal candles. They can also burn longer than usual too, so why not consider them the next time you're candle shopping?

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The second biggest candle trend is reportedly body-shaped candles! Accumulating 19,310 searches each month from people looking to find female figure candles, this makes for a stylish addition to your home.

Whilst jackpot candles come in third place, with 7,920 searches for the product each month on average. Jackpot candles include anything from rings to messages inside, so you never know what you could find! 

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Also featured in the top 5 candle trends that are looking popular in 2021 are botanical candles, with 3,540 plant-themed searches made each month and star-shaped candles with 2,790.

How can candles be used when working from home?

Lee Chambers also shared how you could use candle scents when working from home. 

“With the continued working from home situation, have a think about incorporating scented candles into your home office or educating space,” he suggested. “If you want to be more productive, go for a citrus or mint-based candle. If you are expecting a stressful day, lavender or jasmine can take the edge off and keep that calm confidence flowing.”

Lee explained that although it is important to light candles in the room you are in for the impact of the scent: “it’s important to consider the use of the room and the scent you are using to ensure you get the desired benefit."

Are you tempted to try out some different candle trends at home? 

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