Cara Delevingne gave her friends sex toys as Christmas gifts

Happy holiday indeed!

Cara Delevingne attends the European Premiere of "Suicide Squad"
(Image credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

There are so many different types of vibrators in all shapes and sizes—from the best app-controlled vibrators to variations you can use as a couple, we've never had it so good!

So we were delighted to hear that friends of Cara Delevingne were given the gift of satisfaction last year as the model-turned-actress revealed she gave them all sex toys for the holidays. 

Delevingne joined the sex tech company Lora DiCarlo last year as a co-owner and creative advisor, and has been sharing out the company's goodies to all her very lucky friends. 

On the OTHERtone podcast with singer-producer Pharrell Williams, rapper Fam-Lay and music supervisor Scott Vener, Delevingne explained yesterday how her friends knew exactly what they would be getting for Christmas. She said: “You know, I was sending around sex toys. I was like merry orgasm to you, hope you enjoy.” 

She also explained how she's loving her new Lora DiCarlo role and said she took the job on to tackle the stigma around women’s sexuality and pleasure.

Delevingne said how her new position has sparked some really interesting conversations with her friends, as she has started to be more open. She revealed: “I’ve had the most interesting conversations with my guy friends, it’s fascinating. I never used to talk about it.”

The English model said the company prefers to call sex toys "sex tech," as toys sound juvenile. And on Instagram, she wrote: “Lora DiCarlo's vision represents so much of what I stand for—women led, femme focused, and pleasure inclusive.”

Having influential stars opening up the conversation about sex is important, and liberating. Vibrators and "sex tech" in general are great for exploring your own sexuality or your partner's, or just to learn and have fun together throughout your relationships. Check out some of the brand's sex tech items below:

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