Types of vibrators: Everything you need to know about the buzzy sex toys

From bullets to rabbits, check out all of the different types of vibrators on the market

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Vibrator use among women used to be rare, but as sex toys have become more widely accessible (thank you, internet!), different types of vibrators have been introduced, from personal massagers to app-controlled vibrators. And vibrator sales have skyrocketed—recent studies have shown that a majority of women in the US have used a vibrator at least once in the past. 

As vibrators have become more popular, companies have become more inventive in what shapes, sizes, and materials will work best for people's bodies. Manufacturers know that each person is different and has a different sense of what brings them pleasure, so vibrators are no longer one size fits all.

With all the different types of vibrators out there then, how's a girl to decide what to use? Which one is going to be best for my body? Should I be perusing the internet for the best reviewed sex toys on the market? We dove in deep (pardon the pun) so you don't have to—here’s everything you need to know about the different types of vibrators on the market today.  

What's the best type of vibrator for you?

Wand vibrators

Though experts disagree on the exact percentage, it is becoming clear in scientific research that few women can orgasm from internal stimulation alone. This does not mean that it is impossible for these women to orgasm. Rather, it's much more common to orgasm following stimulation of the clitoris, a collection of nerve endings that sit above the vaginal hole, right where the inner labia meet to form a little "hood."

Wand vibrators look a bit like microphones except with a vibrating head. They may be a great solution for those who find internal stimulation lacking. The nerve endings in the clitoris are extra sensitive to the vibrating sensation the wand produces, making it a fantastic option for women who are just beginning to experiment with vibrating toys. 

Bullet vibrators

Small, compact, and not much different in appearance than a tube of lipstick, bullet vibrators are great when you need to take your vibrator with you but want to remain discreet.

Often they are small enough to provide ample clitoral stimulation but don't come with the same bulk or require the same maneuvering as more full-sized wand options. 

G-spot vibrators

For those women who might be looking for more internal stimulation, there is a range of vibrators meant to be inserted internally into the vagina. 

The first is a G-spot vibrator. The G-spot is the internal pleasure zone within the vagina, along the interior frontal wall. Though it's not responsible for all internal sexual pleasure—there are thousands of nerve endings in a vagina to assist with that—it is responsible for a fairly large portion of that and is often crucial for giving women internal orgasms, if they are able. A G-spot vibrator is then, perhaps predictably, angled inward to stimulate the G-spot. 

As a bonus, you can try these in the anus for potential prostate stimulation, whether you're alone or experimenting with partner play. Just remember that anything inserted into the anus should have a flared base. 

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Rabbit vibrators

If you just can't decide between internal or external stimulation, consider grabbing a tool that gives you both. Popularized in the late 1990s as clitoral stimulation was increasing in popularity, rabbit vibrators have diverging appendages: one intended to be internal for G-spot stimulation and one for external, clitoral stimulation. The two appendages can look a bit like bunny ears, which is how the toy got its name.  

App-controlled vibrators

If you're interested in considering partner play, then an app-controlled vibrator may be for you. These can be any type of vibrator previously listed—a wand, a rabbit, a bullet—but they are controlled by an external remote.

Your partner then can be in full control of adjusting the tempo of the vibration, or starting and stopping your toy altogether. Handing over the control of your orgasms can help build anticipation (and makes for some intense O's).  

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Suction vibrators

Suction vibrators are the newest kid on the vibrator block, but that doesn't make them any less fun. Often used on the clitoris, these vibrators use blowing and sucking functions that mimic oral sex and provides a different form of stimulation. Some, but not all, vibrate in addition to the suction.

Bonus tip: while this can be great on the clitoris, it can also be a ton of fun for nipple stimulation. Don't be afraid to use it during partner play on either you or your partner.

All people are different and it may take a few attempts to find the toy (or toys) that work for you or your partner. Don't be afraid to try out a few different types of vibrators—internal, external, suction, app-controlled, and everything in between— until you find what works best. Happy experimenting!