This $11 concealer is going viral on TikTok for effortlessly concealing tired WFH skin

This concealer is definitely going on our beauty wish list

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Even though we've been loving the break from make-up this past year, we still find ourselves searching for our go-to concealers before Zoom meetings now that WFH has become the new norm. 

It's no secret our skin has been struggling as a result of pandemic-related anxiety and stress. The lack of sleep, new eating and exercise habits (probably a lot fewer daily steps?), and burnout made getting our glow on a lot harder, and not even the best retinol serums have been fixing all our problems. 

All of this has taken its toll on our under-eyes but a new wonder product that's gone viral on TikTok with beauty insiders might come in handy. Priced at just $11, it's racking up loads of five-star ratings from satisfied customers. In fact, almost every single ASOS customer would recommend it.


Can Charlotte Tilbury be duped?🤔 #makeup #beauty #FreeFreeDance

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What is this miraculous product, you wonder? It's the Makeup Revolution's Eye Bright Concealer, which has been praised for its full coverage and brightening properties.

And that's not all—the concealer is being hailed as a cheaper option to Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Contour Wand, thanks to its sponge applicator tip.

Makeup Revolution Eye Concealer



If you're looking for a stamp of approval, look no further than Tik-Toker @mikaylanogueira, who confirms that "the Charlotte Tilbury contour wand, loved by many, can be duped".

The beauty influencer signs off her super informative video saying: “These are the Makeup Revolution Eye Concealers, but people are using them to contour like you would the Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand.” 

Other reviews read: "Really brightening and doesn’t crease or look cakey"; and "Really good coverage, blends well, and doesn’t crease throughout the day."

We're sold!

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