TikTok users attempt to 'coregasm' but is this satisfying workout actually possible?

Need inspo for planks? Coregasms will do the trick!

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Nothing gets by TikTok users. The latest viral obsession? Coregasms—the possibility of experiencing sexual bliss while exercising your abs. Although the notion is making the rounds on feeds, is it truly one of the best workout trends of 2021 or just a hoax?

TikTok user Annie Knight (@annieknight38) discussed the mind-boggling concept in a video on September 17. She claimed that two of her friends have experienced the sensation, and as a result, planks and leg downs are a no-go when they're working out at the gym. 

"This is all news to me, I did not know this until I saw a TikTok," Knight confessed. 

Her clip has earned 1.5 million views, and she herself has been "doing ab workouts ever since" this discovery. But should you hit the gym full force to activate your pleasure points, or are you wasting your time?

Are 'coregasms' real?


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As it turns out, TikTok users are onto something. A study from Indiana University published in a 2012 issue of Sexual and Relationship Therapy claims that women can orgasm through abdominal workouts, particularly climbing poles and ropes, biking, spinning and weight lifting. 

So, who's making some amendments to their fitness routine upon learning this news?

If you're keen on keeping your gym visits as is, we have plenty of other orgasm tips and tricks for you: kissing during sex increases orgasm, plus it affects women's overall sexual satisfaction, so never underestimate the power of a smooch.

Another orgasm hack? Screaming.

"Having the extra stimulation from sounds can help both parties feel more aroused, in turn resulting in a higher likelihood of orgasm," according to the pros at MegaPleasure.

And, when your adventures in the sheets (or afternoon workout) get rescheduled, the best app-controlled vibrators are another way to activate your most sensitive area without a plank in sight!

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