These 'freaky' Fashion Nova text messages are sending shoppers into a tizzy

The viral Fashion Nova text messages included more than just coupons!

What's up with those Fashion Nova text messages?
(Image credit: Fashion Nova)

We love a fun marketing campaign, but have the Fashion Nova text messages taken things too far?

Based in Los Angeles, California, the fast fashion e-commerce company knows how to make a splash, from starry collaborations with the likes of Kylie Jenner, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion to its spirited—and sometimes unorthodox—marketing strategies.

On Tuesday, May 16, Fashion Nova shoppers were surprised when they received push notifications from the brand that read, "Fashion Nova: It's The BIGGEST One We've Ever Seen," followed up with a cheeky eggplant emoji. 

Now, before you think that the retailer has gone the way of OnlyFans, the oversized, ahem, item that they're touting is, of course, a sale, a "50%-off everything" semi-annual sale that is "THAT BIG," per the racy text, coupled with a winky face. 

News of a big discount should surely please customers, but instead, most of them were either flabbergasted or amused at the announcement, with many taking to Twitter to react with funny messages and memes. "Now Fashion Nova, you KNOW you outta line for sending eggplant emojis to my damn phone," one recipient posted. Another added: "Idk what type of time Fashion Nova is on rn but they need to relax." But most echoed the same sentiment: "I think it’s time to unsubscribe from these Fashion Nova texts." 

It's not the first time that the Fashion Nova marketing team has added a saucy spin to automated promotional messages. One previous push notification read "Fashion Nova: Guaranteed To C*me Faster Than Yo Man," which prompted a similar sensationalized reaction from customers. 

The clothing retailer was founded in 2006 by Iranian-American businessman Richard Saghian, who previously disclosed his secret to success to PAPER Magazine: "I realized early on, getting into the minds of my customers is what helped me grow." He also discussed how important social media marketing has been to Fashion Nova's growth: "We have probably about a thousand DMs come in a day. Most of them are Nova Babes [Saghian's term for his customers] just saying, 'Hey, can we work together?'" the CEO told the outlet. "For models and influencers, being on our Instagram page is very powerful."

And clearly, that marketing game has people talking!

Shoppers react to those Fashion Nova text messages:

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