Celebs on OnlyFans: this highest-paid celebrity is raking in stacks on stacks every single month

Who are the highest-paid celebs on OnlyFans—and how much money are they making?

Blac Chyna—one of the celebs on onlyfans—attends the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood and Highland on February 09, 2020 in Hollywood, California
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We know we spend far too much time on social media platforms with TikTok and Instagram providing endless scrolling ops and taking over our lives, but there is a newcomer to the scene that has really blown up...OnlyFans.

The site, created in 2016, was originally seen as a way to get viewers to pay for exclusive content from celebrities and influencers alike. But since then, it has become a famous hub for adult entertainment, where sex workers and adults can sell photos and videos to their subscribers. 

Over the last year or so, the nightlife and events industry was hit hard with the ongoing pandemic, so it seems inevitable that many celebrities—including models, musicians, and reality TV stars—would join the platform to make up for all the lost cash from cancelled club appearances and touring schedules, and for some, it's turned out to be incredibly lucrative. 

In fact, some of our favorite stars are raking in stacks, on stacks, on stacks from the site. Cardi B who is earning a reported  $10 million / £7.1 million per month (which might explain that crazy Las Vegas birthday party) to UK Love Island star Megan Barton-Hanson, who reportedly makes a monthly salary of £1.1 million / £807, 559, even DJ Khaled and Fat Joe have a joint account.

But we all want to know who is bringing home $21 million / £15 million a month. According to SlotsUp, the title of the highest-paid celebrity on OnlyFans goes to reality TV star and Rob Kardashian's ex, Blac Chyna. 

So, how exactly does it all work? (we're asking for a friend...)

How does OnlyFans work? 

Users charge their followers a monthly subscription fee to see their exclusive photos and videos. Subscription fees are set by each user and range from $5 upwards, but OnlyFans take a commission of around 20% from each one. 

Before users get started, OnlyFans has its own clever (and rather handy) calculator that can work out how much celebrities and influencers could be earning based on their social media following. Essentially, the more followers you have on your social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, the more money you can make on OnlyFans.  

In contrary to popular belief, It's not all adult and explicit content. Whilst that content is undeniably some of the most popular on the platform, some stars (like Cardi B) are raking in the cash (we're talking millions) without ever posting a nude. Some even use the platform to tease new music or other exclusive footage, because ultimately, no one can see your content until they have already paid for their subscription. 

But how much is everyone making? 

Cardi B performs onstage during the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards

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Celebs on OnlyFans: The top 10 earners

1. Blac Chyna - $21,791,195 / £15,418,259 per month
2. Bella Throne - $12,738,587 / £9,013,128 per month
3. Cardi B - $10,117,354 / £7,158,487 per month
4. Tyga - $8,334,362 / £5,896,939 per month
5. Mia Khalifa - $6,953,664 / £4,920,033 per month
6. Erica Mena - $4,865,419 / £3,442,505 per month
7. Pia Mia - $2,404,142 / £1,701,040 per month
8. Safaree Samuels - $2,072,169 / £1,466,154 per month
9. Megan Barton-Hanson - $1,141,353 / £807,559 per month
10. Casanova - $1,139,078 / £805,950 per month

The newest celebrities to join OnlyFans

The interest in OnlyFans is going NOWHERE. So, it's only natural that more celebs flock over to the social media site to reap the many benefits—one of them being some serious cash. 

The latest celebrity to join OnlyFans is Chris Salvatore of Eating Out fame. The star posted an Instagram which included an artful black and white nude image—well, we can only assume it is as the photo sadly ended at his waist—alongside the caption, "We all knew this would happen eventually 😉 … link in bio".

It's safe to say none of them will be short on cash any time soon. Good for them! 

Sagal Mohammed
Sagal Mohammed

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